Should Mothers Work or Stay at Home to Take Care of Babies?

Working mom vs. stay-at-home mother: the debate is quite old. Society in general is divided upon the issue. While some believe mothers need to stay at home and take care of the house and the kids, others argue that this responsibility is not restricted to women only who also need their freedom like men. While both sides may have solid arguments at their disposal, it is difficult to come to a mutual accord.

In some societies, working mothers are seen as heroes working side by side with men in all fields of life while in others, this state of affairs is frowned upon. However, it all boils down to what you think is better for you, your child and your family. Today, we’ll look upon the two sides of the argument in detail.

Why Mothers should Stay at Home with Babies

Some benefits of staying at home and taking care of babies are discussed below.

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Proper mental and moral growth of babies

Mothers play a central role in the mental and moral growth and development of kids. A stay-at-home mother can breastfeed her child longer, can spend more time with her child during his/her early developmental years, and can better nurture the values of compassion, empathy and selflessness in her kids. She can tell her kids what is right and what is wrong, something the working moms and caretakers may not be able to do. Mothers who leave their five or six year olds in daycare centres or in the hands of personal caretakers cause irreparable damage to the mental development of their kids who may end up having some sort of attachment disorder. This can be a reason why children turn to roguish behaviours and criminal acts.

proper mental and growth of baby

Safety of the child

In the current world, it is impossible—and absolutely unwise!—to put trust in anyone regarding the safety of the child except the parents themselves. If a working mom leaves for work early in the morning and puts her child in the hands of a stranger until evening, it can be a dangerous situation as the safety of the child is compromised. You don’t know what the caretaker might do to your child. Sometimes, the effects of a traumatic incident leave deep imprints on your child’s psychology and the damage is everlasting. In order to ensure the child stays safe, it is imperative for mothers to stay home and look after their kids.

Strong family life

It is an undeniable fact that a strong family is built through mental compatibility of the partners, strong and healthy relationships and a scuffle-free environment. Supporting the family financially is considered to be the job of men while women are supposed to stay at home and take care of the household. If both partners are working, family life inevitably suffers. Consider a situation where a man returns home after a strenuous working day and finds that his wife is still not home, or the food is not cooked since the wife was tired as well. You can very well imagine what may happen next. If the man of the house can adequately support the family in matters of finance, there is no need for mothers to work and compromise their family.

strong family life

Strong mother and child bond

Newborn babies need their mothers at every stage of their growth and development. Raising a child properly is a hard task and requires 24/7 attention on the part of mothers. This way, a strong bond is developed between the mother and the child. Conversely, if a working mom stays outside the house the whole day long and returns tired in the evening, she may not have the energy to take proper care of her child. Also, she may not be there at the crucial moments when the baby really needs her. This may affect the family bonding, and often kids feel themselves alienated and develop attachment disorders. The bond between mother and child may also suffer damages beyond repair.

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Why Mothers should Go out and Work

Champions of working mothers elicit various reasons in support of their arguments. Some of these are:

working mother

Extra income

Some families are not financially strong and in order to make sure life runs smoothly, both partners need to work. As family grows with the arrival of kids, expenses are bound to increase: education, medical treatments and food supplies are not trivial matters and may cost the sole earner of the family an arm and a leg. Secondly, the husband’s job may not always be stable.That extra paycheck is a welcome opportunity for parents to meet their expenses and plan a better future for their kids.

Independent kids

It has often been observed that children of working moms are a lot independent and more confident than those of stay-at-home mothers. This may be because such kids learn to be self-sufficient and fend for themselves at an early age. They understand the need of working for survival, and have more chances of being successful in their lives. Studies also show that children who spend more time with their mothers are a lot more clingy and less likely to survive independently if the need arises.


Men’s responsibility

In a traditional society, looking after the kids and the house is considered to be the responsibility of women. However, the growing awareness of gender equality has altered this perspective to a great extent. Many argue that parenting is the responsibility of both father and mother, and that men need to take responsibility in this regard. If the mother is working, it may urge the father to stay at home and look after the baby. This way, a healthy balance is maintained between work and domestic life and a healthy family bonding is ensured.

Future safety

Life does not always run smoothly; there often come times when the mother is forced to survive alone, without the aid of her husband. Often, the couples are divorced or the husband dies leaving the mother to take care of herself and her child. A woman who has been working earlier may be able to stand alone in such circumstances while a stay-at-home mother may collapse. This is also the reason why mothers should keep working so that they may stay in touch with the outer world and make connections which can come in handy if she ever finds herself in a bind.

mother work for baby future safety


Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mother, your child’s well-being should be your top priority. Don’t let the working mom vs. stay-at-home mother debate get to your head and cloud your judgment! Weigh your options carefully before taking a decision. After all, you are a mother first and something else later.

Are you a working mother or stay-at-home mom? What will you recommend? Share your stories and experiences with us in the comments section below.

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