Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Baby

One of the most nerve-wrecking phases you could go through is debating over the name of your baby. Your friends and family might have poured in their suggestions for you, but somehow you feel like going out of the box and deciding the perfect name for your baby. You want to look for the most beautiful and graceful name for your precious gem since you want your baby to grow into that name and develop a personality of its own.

A name is obviously the identity of a child and naming your child is a very tough decision to make whether you have already picked one out or still looking for ideas and suggestions. You spend hours and hours looking for that one special name that would catch your attention, one that would be the best for your baby but you still can’t put your mind at ease since you haven’t found the perfect name yet or are still going over the names you decided.

These reasons have brought you to us, and we’ve put together some points that might help you discover the best name for you little one.

Matching initials:

Most of the parents go for the same initials. A family of five moved to our neighborhood, all having the same initials that were ‘A.’ This made them look like a perfect family. It was a coincidence that the husband and wife had the same initials but matching initials for your child? Even better!

Be open to suggestions:

You need to always welcome suggestions. Involve your friends and family but make sure to finalize the name yourself in the end so you’d wake up with no regrets.

Make the lord happy:

Your child is a blessing from God, a blessing to make you happy so why not return the favor and make God even happier by choosing a religious name. No matter which religion you follow, you must know the name of your Holy books so why not choose one from them?

Attach memories:

Sometimes you feel so connected to someone or something that you want it to remain forever with you.

A friend of mine was very close to her dad who passed away just a month before her delivery, at that moment she knew she’d pick her own father’s name for the child so he’d grow up to be just like her dad.  

In the same way, I’ve seen many people naming their child that reminds them of their favorite places or places that they’d like to visit which doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

Look into their meaning:

Parents tend to look for meaningful names. You can’t just name your child ‘sadness’ because that would make no sense and you wouldn’t want the meaning to reflect your child. This is why you need to look into the meaning of the names before deciding them. Just like Donatella means ‘a beautiful gift’ and Afrah means ‘happiness.’

Don’t be too creative:

Everybody wants to go for creative names but going too out of the box would make the name look weird. Many people won’t be able to pronounce the name as well, and soon enough everybody would be calling your child with the incorrect pronunciation. Don’t make your child hate their name just because people make it sound worse.

Go for names that would be easily pronounced and understood by others, something that would be easier to memorize so that it’ll save you time to not announce and correct the name every time you enter a room full of people.

Virtual baby names assistant:

Save yourself from the pressure and anxiety and log onto some of the best websites out there that help you generate baby names according to your likes.

These websites are specifically made to choose your baby’s name. They are a complete guide to show you the names along with their meaning and origins according to what you prefer.

One of my personal favorite websites is There are several other websites you might want to search and follow to pick out the perfect name.

A name that grows:

Choose a name that can grow along with your child. Do not choose a name that would become a reason to embarrass your child when he starts to mature. A name like Pinky would look extra cute when your child is little but when would not suit a 30-year-old woman working in a firm.

Pop a poll:

Get your friends and family together and start a poll. Let them help you choose the name if you’re still confused. Choose the ones you think are the best among all. Start a poll and let the fun begin!

Wait for the baby:

Let the baby born. Sometimes parents have already decided the name but change their mind as soon as they see their baby because they think the name wouldn’t suit him.

Just go with it:

Some people are always going to end up with a frown whenever they hear your baby’s name, that doesn’t mean you’re responsible for it. Choose the name you think is best and stick to it no matter what people say to you afterward. Let them know that it is your choice in the first place and it’s your baby, and you are proud of naming him.

Be confident in choosing the name and do not hesitate to introduce your baby’s new name to your family and friends. Make sure you and your spouse equally decide on the name. Do not feel bad if you don’t agree on the same name, you can always write them down for your next baby. Make sure your baby has a good time with their new name. If people mispronounce it, correct them and let your child grow into it and be proud of the name you chose for him. Best of luck!

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