What is a Rainbow Baby – Some situations you should be prepared for?

Many people must have wondered that what is a rainbow baby as every baby is like a rainbow in the life of his or her parents as they fill their lives with colors of joy and happiness just like a rainbow in the sky. However, a rainbow baby is a term designated for the babies who are born either after the stillbirth, miscarriage or infant death of previous baby. The similarity between rainbow and the rainbow baby is that rainbow appears in the sky after the passing of thunderstorm. Likewise, loss of the previous baby is like a dark storm in the life of any parents and it is the rainbow baby whose existence not only indicates the departure of storm and dark clouds but also ensure the beginning of days filled with colors of happiness.

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Just like, the significance of rainbow can only be acknowledged after facing a dark storm similarly importance of the rainbow baby can only be valued by the parents who suffered the irreversible loss of the previous baby who is also known as angel baby. The journey from angel baby to a rainbow baby is not only challenging particularly in terms of emotions but also confusing especially for mothers. Even after the birth of rainbow baby mothers cannot shun away the feeling of guilt and does not feel comfortable to celebrate the joy in their life.

For all such mothers who are pregnant with their rainbow baby, first of all, accept the hearty felicitations and secondly here are some facts that can help them prepare for what to expect as knowing what you may feel can help you manage yourself in a better way:

No escape from memories

As soon as you will hold your rainbow baby in your arms the process of healing will initiate immediately however, there will be moments that will remind you of your grief and trigger the memories from which there is no escape. There will be moments when your baby will be sleeping soundly but the face of your angel baby will appear before your eyes and you will be sad and afraid if your rainbow baby is fine. There will be small things around the house that you might have purchased for your angel baby but was not able to use them for him. All these triggers will cause grief and there will be a time when you will be probably complaining about life being unfair to you. However, do not let these feelings empowering you as it is important that you cherish the blessing you have, first. Once you will realize what does rainbow baby mean and how his existence will change your life all over again, you will be able to deal with these memories more effectively.

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Happy departure

Delivery of your rainbow baby might not be the happiest time of your life. It is because during delivery in the labor room of the rainbow baby, will remind you of the time when you were not able to see the baby you were expecting last time after the delivery. This will not only make you insecure but can also cause panic until you know your baby is fine. However, remember once you will know that you will leave the hospital along with your baby, you will become relaxed. Bringing your baby home with you will be the best moment of your life that you and your spouse will treasure forever.

Feeling of guilt is just natural

You will face scenarios where the feeling of the guilt will overcome you. Thoughts like “Am I replacing his angel brother?”, “Have I done something wrong previously?” will haunt you and loving your rainbow baby will feel like an unintended betrayal of your previous child. This is the feeling that can certainly diminish your happiness of having a healthy baby in your life. So, to avoid such feelings by keep reminding yourself that you would have loved your angel baby if, the chance was given to you by nature but despite the absence of your angel baby you love him equally.

Parenting rainbow baby will remain challenge

There is no denying in the fact that rainbow baby pregnancy after you have lost your precious baby, will prove to be quite complicated emotionally. Similarly, parenting the newborn rainbow baby will be no less perplexing. In the beginning, you may not be able to sleep even if your baby is sleeping soundly because you will be worried about his or her wellness all the time. There will also be situations when you will be over conscious regarding the health of your baby and may want to see the doctor every time you see some discomfort in your baby. Though this to ensure the wellbeing of your baby, however, in case this situation prolongs you should seek outside help.


Being overprotective is simply natural

Though all mothers remain protective regarding their newborns and do not like people to hold their baby initially. However, having a baby after a loss will play a significant role in the intensification of this feeling.  In the start, it would be really hard for you to share your baby with others and may not allow your friend and other family members to hold the baby for long. However, with the passage of time, you will become comfortable and certainly will love to share your joy with others.

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Depression during and after pregnancy

Being pregnant after the loss of your angel baby will be a disorienting experience. Yes, you must be waiting for this time anxiously after your deceased baby, however, still you will not be feeling like revealing this happiness with confidence. It is because as soon as you will be pregnant with your rainbow baby you will experience mix feelings of hope, desperation, anxiousness, self-doubt, and uncertainty. Though after the birth of your rainbow baby you will feel more confident, however, if these feelings pursue to the state of depression it is recommended to seek medical advice.

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These are some situations you may have to face with a rainbow baby in your life. However, it is important for you to understand that rainbow baby is not replacing your angel baby. Both babies have their own implications in your life. But having a rainbow baby meaning is your baby will be like a rainbow in your life which is ascended because your angel baby has sent it to you from heavens.    

If you have any personal experience of parenting a rainbow baby in your life to share your story in comments.

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