What should a one month old baby be able to do – tips to handle changes effectively?

Being a new mother is not only about holding your little ones in your arms rather it is a complete journey in which you will get surprises on every step of it. However, no matter how difficult this path is, the wonders of this time will never seize to amaze you. So welcome to the new milestone of this journey when one month has already passed since your baby has been separated from your womb.

Although with the passage of time the life of your baby and yours will become relatively simpler as you will be able to understand how to communicate with your baby effectively, however, knowing what to expect after a newborn first month has passed can help you cope conveniently.

You should understand this that the three basic needs of your baby will still remain same and that is feeding at proper timings, sound sleep frequently and cleaning of diapers and last but not least unconditional love.  Along with this, you need to acknowledge that yes your baby is growing and will be able to express and observe more.  Thus, you may need to put other tasks on hold for some time so that you can dedicate more time to your baby and his needs.

To understand what one month old baby will be able to do you need to comprehend one thing first and that is, it is not important that all babies behave alike as no two babies are same not even twins. Though twins do look alike, but you will certainly notice a difference in their needs and reactions. Therefore, you cannot predict 100% what you will do when he or she will be one month old, however, few generic behaviors can be predicted on the basis of research and observations made so far.

Some important developments that you will experience in your one month old baby are as follow:

Reactions for your actions

As your baby is growing fast you will see the rapid development in reflexes of your baby. While babies are blessed with reflex system by birth which enable them to sense things like if they are in safe hands or not and where to locate feeding source (whether you are breast feeding or feeding through bottle) however, you will observe more improvement in these reflexes especially when the tiny little fingers will try to wrap them up around your fingers or will try to grip your hands.

Reactions for your actions

Expression for feelings

The little sounds now you can hear from those tiny little mouths like coo, gurgle and grunt are actually their way of expressing their feelings. Your little one is not only one month old but also capable of expressing emotions with these little sounds. They will try to interact with you and will keep you attentive towards them by staring at you for longer durations. This will also depict their ability to recognize you physically.

Expression for feelings

Sound and hearing

Though hearing ability of your baby is developed in your womb and your baby will recognize your voice the instant he or she is born. However, at this stage, the hearing ability of your baby will be developed completely which will enable him or her to recognize different voices. The baby will also try to locate the source of the sounds whenever they will experience a change in frequency. You can see the change in the behavior of your baby with different sounds. Like if your baby is crying and you play some music or sing rhymes to the little ones, they will stop crying immediately. Similarly, babies find their mother voices comforting whenever they are in distress and knowing their mother around helps them to calm down.

Sound and hearing.

I see you

It has been proven medically that newborn babies do not have clear vision initially and it will take months to get their vision clear and accurate. However, better vision is another one month old baby milestone and baby will be able to focus on things nearby them. One month old babies can see up to 30 cm distance so, it is important that if you need the attention of your baby drawn to you, you should lean closer to him. Babies can recognize faces of their parents when see them closely, however, if they see other things pass nearby them they will acknowledge their existence for short while. This is why babies look cross eyed sometimes, but this is not something which is a matter of concern. Also remember, babies cannot distinguish between colors for ages, still colors with high contrast are easier for them to locate.

I see you

Backbone and Head support

You must have heard mothers telling elder siblings to hold their baby brothers and sisters carefully. It is because the backbone of one month old babies is not sturdy and the neck muscles are not strong enough to support them. However, with the time, these babies will be able to support their head on their own. Babies of one month age try to lift their heads for a brief time and they can rotate their heads from one side to another more conveniently.

Backbone and Head support

Tips to nurture your one month old little ones

Considering following developments in a newborn’s first month, you can adopt following techniques to spend quality time with your baby which can also play an important role in their development:

  1.   The animated conversation along with eye to eye contact with your little one can not only enhance language skills of your baby but will also keep them calm and content.
  2.   Play with colorful toys in front of your baby like rattles or stuffed toys with high color contrast. This can help to enhance the vision of baby and enable them to differentiate between things.
  3.   Though you may feel your baby is losing weight since the birth, however, this is something normal and you just need to feed your baby regularly without any additional supplements. The baby will start gaining weight after one month or so.

nurture your one month old little ones

Knowing what your baby can do at the age of one month can help you plan activities for your baby accordingly. It will also help you to avoid being panicked when something new will happen and your baby will exhibit some bizarre behavior. Just relax … like no two children are alike similarly no two mothers have same experience. So enjoy the motherhood being mother only not the perfectionist.

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