5 Tips to Deal with Motherhood Challenges for New Mothers

Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed” – Linda Wooten.

Heartily felicitation for starting the ultimate journey of your life and that is of being a mother.  One thing is for sure that it will prove to be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life and yet one of the most challenging endeavors that would last for many years to come. However, it does not mean that these challenges would diminish the beauty of this journey rather they will help you make this journey memorable if managed properly. Motherhood challenges for new mother are not only due to physical fatigue that mother has to suffer while on her way to recovery but also due to mental exhaustion caused by sudden disruption of normal day life. But remember all you need is planning your journey carefully with the right frame of mind so that you can enjoy the whole experience of being the mother of your tiny toes.

Some tips that can help you deal with these challenges effectively are as follow:

1- I want to sleep

Yes, you want to sleep and yet you cannot. This is one of the most common challenges every new mother has to deal with. It is because now your clock is not only yours but shared with your little one. It is a common problem of newborns that they do not have any fixed time for sleeping. Though these little ones sleep a lot and they do not have any particular time for sleep and their mothers may have to go through a number of sleepless nights. Dealing with this situation is not easy. However, it can be managed to some extent. Try to get as much sleep as you can while your little baby is sleeping. Please note sleep deprivation can not only influence your health badly but it can also result in depression. Therefore, all the work in the world can wait but your baby needs you healthy and sound. So, try to get sound sleep whenever you can.

2- Am I doing it right?

This is also a common question asked by new mothers. Out of many other challenges of mothers, this is also an important challenge for new mothers that they always judge themselves for everything they do. Every mother wants to know if she is doing it right or not.  The one thing you need to do to face this challenge is, to put your trust in nature first. All infants born with ultimate protection of nature.  They will cry, they will sleep and yes they will poop whenever they need.  There is nothing much you can do about it. All you can do is feed them, love them and make them comfortable the way you can. However, if you do feel there is something which is not right, then you can discuss. Don’t shy away from asking for help. You can find a large community of new mothers around you sharing their experiences online and in social groups, getting advice from experienced mothers. You can join also these groups and discuss your issues in detail. You will be able to get thorough guidance and new tips to manage your baby properly.

3-Accept help whenever you get

Sometimes people ignore the help present nearby and do not value the resources around them.  Presence of parents or parents in law near to you is a similar blessing that is overlooked by many. Your friends can also prove to be a great support during this time. You can not only get help for looking after your child in case you need to go outside for important task but they can also help you accomplish everyday jobs like shopping or cooking food for your family.  So accept help whenever you can get one with gratitude.

4-Spare some time for you

Having baby in your hand will change your priorities immediately.  Your world will revolve around those little hands but you should not forget that you can only look after your child at best when you will be at your best. Thus, you have to spare some time for you whenever you can. Use this time to rejuvenate yourself with whatever you like. You can either enjoy a cup of coffee with your favorite book in hand or you can immerse yourself in lavishing bath or you can give yourself a quick manicure or pedicure. Giving yourself little time regularly can help you keep yourself fresh and alive.

5-Healthy body healthy mind

To cope with motherhood challenges you need to stay healthy physically and mentally. However, this is one practice that you should adopt as soon as you know that you will have one more life in your hand to take care of. For this purpose, the first thing you need to do is implement healthy eating habits in your life. Say no to junk food and fizzy drinks and say yes to God made rather than man made. Quit smoking and give up alcohol and show love to your body with exercise and yoga. This way you will be prepared to take care of you and your newborn in more effective way.

Integrating these small things in your life can help you get yourself prepare for motherhood and its challenges. You may feel lethargic and low at energy but remember organizing your routine and embracing healthy habits can help you enjoy your motherhood at best.  There can be a time that you may feel that you are ignoring your everyday tasks and your house is being neglected. But do not forget that you are adorned with the noblest duty of all and that is to bring new life to this world, to nurture it and cherish it with all your love and care. Thus, to accomplish this duty at best it is important that you should be prepared for its challenges and willing to cope with it with a smile on your face.

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