How to change a baby’s diaper – some useful tips

Being a mother of a newborn baby is the most rejuvenating experience of the life of a woman. However, it is not an easy task to accomplish as you will need to take a really good care of these little angels. Keeping your baby clean is a crucial part of caring and nourishing your child. New mothers usually feel confused when it comes to change the diaper of their babies. But it is important for new mothers to understand that changing a diaper on right time is really important for cleanliness and good health of their child. Babies usually get sound sleep when they are dry and clean, and they will also take proper feed. Along with this, the modern facilities have made this task a lot easier and manageable. So stop bothering about how to change a diaper of your baby and start organizing yourself to do it in right way.

Following are some tips that can guide you in changing the diaper of your baby in a systematic way:

Get your supplies organized

The first thing you need to do is to arrange all the supplies you will require to change the diaper of your baby. It is recommended that you should store all these things in one place or basket so that you can grab it immediately without any hassle.  For changing the diaper of your baby, you should have supplies like changing mat or table, clean diaper, wipes, a piece of cloth, disposable bags, baby powder or corn flour and baby rash cream within your access. You should store all these things together as it would save lots of time for you and your baby.

baby diaper essentials

Complete your preparation

Once you have all things arranged within your access, the second thing you need to do is to prepare yourself and space, to be used for changing diapers. You need to choose a warm place to change your baby’s diaper as cold temperature will not be comfortable for your baby and your baby can catch a cold if exposed multiple times a day. So, choose a place which is warm or can be set to a warmer temperature. You also need to ensure that space which is being used for diaper changing is clean as unhygienic conditions can be harmful to the delicate skin of your baby. As space is ready, you need to clean your hands either by washing properly, or you can also use hand sanitizers for clean and dry hands.

Changing diaper of baby

You can start changing the diaper of your baby by covering changing space with diaper changing mat. This will prevent the place from getting dirty in case of baby pee suddenly. Next thing you need to do is to take a clean diaper, open it up and place it under the bottom of your baby. This way new diaper will be ready to use without creating any mess.

The next thing you need is to open the dirty diaper by unfastening its tabs. You should always fold the tabs of dirty diapers so that they would not get stick to the skin of your baby. Then you can roll the front half of the used diaper. In case you are changing the diaper of the baby boy then it is recommended that you should use a clean cloth or wipe to cover his private part as it will stop him from peeing on you.  In case your baby has pooped you can also use the front half of the diaper to clean the residues. Keep folding the dirty diaper keeping clean side up. This way the clean diaper will remain clean during the removal process. To roll the dirty diaper completely and eliminate it from your baby’s bottom you need to keep the bottom of your baby of the place by lifting the baby up. For this purpose, you can lift your baby up by holding his ankles in one hand and removing the diaper from other hand.

Changing diaper of baby

Once the dirty diaper is off, you should clean the private areas of your baby with antibacterial wipes, or you can also use a wet cloth for this purpose. The clean diaper you have already set under your baby is ready to fasten, but before fastening tabs of this diaper, you should let your baby skin breath for a while. You can use powder or corn flour (preferred) to keep your baby skin dry. This will also help to avoid rashes. However, if your baby has already developed rashes, then you need to use rash cream or petroleum jelly to soothe your baby. In case of rashes, the corn flour will also help skin to revive. Once you are done with this process, you can fasten the clean diaper of your baby by fastenings its tabs securely. Now you are ready to get your baby dressed completely.

After the process of diaper changing is completed, you need to remove dirty diaper, and for this, you should use disposable bags in which these diapers are secured before throwing them in the waste. Now you can wash your hands and should use sanitizer for hygiene purpose.

Tips to make things easier

After changing the diaper of your baby once or twice, you will realize that this is as simple as one two three. However, there are few tips that you should consider which can be helpful for the well-being of your baby.

  • Frequent change of diapers will help you prevent your baby from diaper rash.
  • You should keep your eyes open for rashes as the diaper rash is different from yeast diaper rash which may need medical treatment when appear.
  • You can keep your baby distracted with the help of toys in his or her hand as it will help you change diaper conveniently.
  • Keep diapers available and accessible.
  • Always use good quality of diapers as low quality of diaper can result in skin problems for your baby and may also result in leakage.
  • Use right size of diapers as per weight of your baby so that your baby will remain leak free and comfortable.

Following these tips and procedure, you will never feel annoyed while changing the diaper of your baby and you can even use this time to interact with your baby in a joyful way, like singing and talking with your baby during this time will make your baby happy and relaxed.

If you have some tips that can help mothers to perform their motherly duties in more fun way, please do share in comments.

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