How to stop kids from becoming addicted to Mobile Phones

We are living in a hi-tech epoch. We cannot imagine a life without a mobile phone. That is how the technology has made us accustomed to it. Same goes for our kids, they too have become used to using mobile phones without realizing its harmful effects.  The only sophisticated hobby we used to have in our childhood was watching television. TV has become almost obsolete in the present time. Now, smartphones, tabs, and laptops have taken over it.

We should be worried about our kids getting addicted to phones. Here are some tips to stop kid’s addiction to cell phones.

  1. Lead by example

The first and foremost step you should take to stop your kid’s addiction to cell phones is to ‘be a role model’. Children do what they see. If you want to limit your kid’s cell phone usage, then first limit your own. Avoid using the mobile phone in front of your child, unnecessarily.

  1. Create some quality time

If you are too busy to give your children some quality time, then they are likely to find solace in some material things including cell phones. Cut this routine if you really want them not to get addicted to such gadgets. Create some quality time to talk and play with your child. You should take at least one meal (if having an out of ordinary busy working schedule) with them.

spend quality time with children

  1. Let them play outdoors

Outdoor games and sports are very important in developing healthy body and mind in children. We used to play outside in our childhood with other children of our age. In this way, we had interaction with each other which helped us developing good communication skills.

If you feel unsafe to let your child play outside, then take them to some parks or playgrounds every evening. In this way, you will be able to keep an eye on them while playing. If it is not an option for you as your tough schedule doesn’t allow it, then get your child enrolled in a nearby sports club.

childrens play outdoors

  1. Read them books

Develop a habit of reading a book together with your child to stop youtube addiction in kids. Reading has many advantages. It helps develop skills such as reading and writing. In addition to that, it supports vocabulary building in kids. On top of that, your child will learn to imagine things which will help them getting less materialistic.

  1. Keep them engaged

Keep your child engaged in activities you find safe for them. They may include watching cartoons on television or playing with toys. Keep them busy in their free time to avoid the urge of the cell phone in them. You can give him his clothes to fold when you feel he is going to ask for the phone. Such little chores do not only keep them away from the cell phone but make them responsible too.

  1. Directly Say NO to cell phone

If your child asks for the phone, you can directly say NO. In the end, you are his mother and have all rights to say no to the things, you think are harmful to them. You are given a ‘No Objection Certificate’ by nature to stop your child from the things which jeopardize their wellbeing in anyways. When you see anything taking a toll on their health (whether physical or mental), directly say no to it.

kid try to get cell phone

  1. Restrict the timings

As mobile phones have become an inseparable element of our lives, hence, it is difficult or somewhat impossible for parents to completely restrict their usage for children. Therefore, make your child understand that they can use the cell phone but only for a limited span of time. Tell them frankly that they are not allowed to use it during study hours, bedtime, or mealtimes.

  1. Set security passwords

You cannot always carry your mobile phone in hand to hide from kids addicted to phones. Here, technology itself comes to help you. You can set screen password so your child cannot unlock the phone when you are not around. In addition to that, there are many parental control mobile apps to monitor your kid’s smartphone activities which you can use to spy on their doings.

  1. Make them play video games

If your child is very much addicted to youtube then you can make him play video games to stop youtube addiction in them. Video games are much safer than letting your child watch youtube as you know the content of the game.

  1. Bond with your kid

Though most parents have extremely busy schedules to take time out for their children. It is important to make a vigorous bond with your child for which you have to take some time out. For this, get your child engaged with you when you are gardening, cooking, or sewing to keep them all away from compelling smartphones.

Bond with your kid

Besides keeping your child away from the cell phone, you can also follow the succeeding bits of advice to protect your child from the damaging effects of the phone as much as possible.

  • Purchase a cell phone with minimum radiation level

SAR or the ‘specific absorption rate’ is the number of radiations absorbed per kg of body tissue. Buy a phone which has a low SAR value to protect kids from damaging radiations.

  • Do not let them use it while traveling

Restrict the use of mobile while traveling in moving vehicles. Cell phone in a moving automobile poses great dangers as it keeps scanning for the signals which make it emit more radiation.

  • Do not allow your kid to speak from a cell phone

It happens when you are on call with some relative on the mobile phone and they ask you to let them talk to your kid. Respectfully tell them that you are going to call them back via your landline number to let your child speak to them. In this way, your child will not get accustomed to talking via cell phone always.

Adopt the aforementioned measures and take no chances to stop kid’s addiction to cell phones.

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