Should You Keep or not Keep a Maternity Nurse? – How They Can Assist You Best

Although being a mother for the first time is one of the most exalting experiences in the life of any woman. However, one cannot deny the fact that going through this is also exhausting emotionally and physically for every woman. Whether you have been through a normal delivery or through the C section, your body will need time to recover. Thus, availability of any assistance or help during this time will prove to be a blessing anyway. Even if you already have children and enjoying a new addition in your family, you will understand soon that you and your baby will need time to cope up with physical and mental changes, so that you can return to your daily routine in a good frame of mind. So, the question is how to get help for you in this situation?

There are many options to consider, if you have your parents or parents in laws living nearby your home then, they can certainly help you to look after your newborn and can also take care of you while you are on our path to recovery. Likewise, your siblings and friends can also help you in this regard. However, if your friends and family members are working, it is obvious that they would not be able to devote regular time to you neglecting their personal and professional responsibilities. So, you can avail another option and that is to book a maternity nurse for you and your baby. A maternity nurse is basically a professional who has specialized in offering services such as support for new mothers, advice for newborns and provide relief for parents of newborn babies.

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Professional services of these maternity nurses can help parents to get settled down with their newborns without any hassle. You can hire these nurses for a varied time period depending on your requirement and type of delivery you have been through. However, it is recommended that you should hire these nurses at least for 2 weeks duration as it is the most challenging time after the birth of your baby. You can find maternity nurses offering services as per your requirement as nurses offering daily maternity services will be available for 12 hours per day and 6 days per week and you can also find nurses offering services for nigh so that you can have enough sleep for you.  

Now let’s see when you should hire services of these nurses and how these nurses can help you to avail a good start of your motherhood:

Scenarios when maternity nurses are inevitable

In the following cases acquiring services of maternity nurses is highly recommended:

  1.   First time mothers with no other assistance available
  2.   Mothers who delivered babies through complicated medical procedures like C Section
  3.   Mothers of premature babies or babies with some medical problems
  4.   Mother who has given birth to twin or triplets
  5.   Babies who could not sleep at night
  6.   Babies with colic conditions
  7.   If mothers having more children to take care of
  8.   Babies with feeding problems
  9.   For mothers who have suffered from post-natal depression
  10.  When father cannot be available due to long working hours

How maternity nurses can assist you with your newborn

Maternity nurses can offer diversified services to assist your journey of motherhood depending upon the age of the baby and physical health of the mother. Some services that can help you at different stages are as follow:

maternity nurse and baby

During two weeks after birth

This is the most significant time for the newborn and their parents as they are adapting to the new feelings and new life at their hand. This is where maternity nurses can guide you for taking care of your baby in the right way. With the feeding process taught by these nurses, you can retain the birth weight of baby conveniently. Along with this, the nurse will also take care of mother and her diet especially if the baby is on mother’s milk only. The feeding positions taught by these nurses can ensure successful feeding of your baby. With the help of services offered by these nurses, mothers can learn how to change, wind and bathe their baby and how they can help umbilical cord of their baby to heal.

After 2 weeks of birth until week 6

This is the time when your baby feeding habits will be established. However, with the help of maternity nurses, you can monitor the weight of baby so that feeding can be adjusted accordingly. With the passage of time, your baby will be required to feed after every 3 hours and during this time your nurse can help you feed yourself in a healthy way. However, your baby will still not be able to sleep for long hours especially at night. So, at this stage with the help of night time services of maternity nurses you can get sound sleep at night while feeding your baby at regular intervals.

As your baby will be growing, you will come across different issues as per your baby health and digestive habits which usually differ from one baby to another. Like some babies may cry a lot due to gas in their tummies or they can be colic at different timings. This is where your maternity nurse can help you soothe your baby and will also teach you how to help babies burp and get rid of gas from their tummies.

Similarly, your maternity nurse can also help you choose right accessories for your baby and can help you learn how to spend a quality time with your baby while assisting them in their nerves and reflex system development. However, how long to keep a maternity nurse with you is something which has to be decided by you only. It depends on how long it will take you to heal especially in case of C Section as stitches usually take more than a month to heal completely. Likewise, the environment of your home and your personal priorities also play a critical role in your decision. No matter for how long you will acquire services of maternity nurse at the end you will realize how fruitful your decision will be.

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