What causes leg pain in pregnancy?

What causes leg pain during pregnancy?

Having a baby is a blessing but the process of pregnancy is not an easy job. Many hurdles have to be faced by a mother. A pregnant woman faces many uncomfortable situations that keep on changing time to time such as morning sickness, nausea, cravings, heartburn, back pain and leg hurting during pregnancy can be considered as the routine stuff of pregnancy period. Here we are going to discuss one of the problems and that is leg pain during pregnancy. What are the causes and cures?

Causes and cures of leg pain during pregnancy

There are many reasons that cause pain and discomfort in legs during pregnancy. The increased level of hormone progesterone causes leg pain. Sometimes they are curable and sometimes you have to carry on your pregnancy journey along those discomforts. Following we are mentioning some common causes:

  •    Sciatica

sciatica pain during pregnancy


The most common reason behind severe leg pain during pregnancy period is Sciatica. The uterus grows due to the increment in baby size. This thing builds pressure on the sciatic nerve and causes pain on the back side of your knee or calf. Sometimes redness and swelling be witnessed too.


In sciatica warm showers, massage therapy, hot or cold completions can be helpful. Painkilling medicine such as Tylenol can be also used (with doctor’s permission).

  •    DVT (deep vein thrombosis)

DVT (deep vein thrombosis)


DVT (deep vein thrombosis) is also one of the major cause of sore legs in pregnancy. This situation is caused when blood clots get formed in the vessels. It happens because blood clotting proteins increase during pregnancy.


Seek a professional help for treating DVT. It is easy to treat DVT during pregnancy. Blood-thinning medicine will be given according to the condition that will decrease the formation of blood clotting.

  •    Leg cramps

   Leg cramps


Leg cramps are also a painful situation that cannot be avoided during pregnancy. This situation is also called Charley horses. The reason behind these painful cramps is lack of calcium and increased phosphorus (due to processed food).


Regular exercises will be helpful for cramps. Especially those which targets calves. Rest with elevated legs, supporting socks, stretches, massage and hot comparisons can be done in order to reduce leg cramps.

  •    Fatigue

 Fatigue during pregnancy


Fatigue is also one of the reasons that cause leg pain and cramps in the calf muscles. Pain and swelling in feet can also happen due to fatigue.


For reduction of pain due to fatigue take rest after short intervals. Wear flat and comfy footwear. Soaking feet in warm water can be helpful. Massaging and light exercises will be relaxing too.

  •    RLS (restless legs syndrome)

restless legs syndrome


RLS (restless legs syndrome) it happens when you try to sleep and it causes plenty of restless nights. It is a situation in which you will feel restless throughout the night. The urge to move your legs and sensations such as tingling and burning will be felt in this situation.


For curing RLS remove caffeine from your diet. Get in bed when you are ready to sleep because laying in a bed for a long a time can worse the RLS. Ask your doctor to suggest some multivitamins and iron supplements. Stretching, warm baths, massage can be helpful too.

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