Safe and Unsafe Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

The hardest thing about pregnancy is attempting to get a decent night’s sleep when you need it like never before. Amid pregnancy, you may wind up battling in bed endeavoring to get settled before falling asleep, as your body experiences a bunch of changes. These progressions tend to upset your typical tranquil sleep.

It’s normal for pregnant ladies to sleep on their backs while pregnant, regardless of whether they fell asleep on their side. But you’ll probably wake up in a couple of minutes of arriving on your back because the position is so awkward after the main trimester of pregnancy.Unfortunately, your normal sleeping positions may never again work for you amid pregnancy. Finding the correct sleep position isn’t simple.

Here’s what you need to know about sleeping positions during pregnancy to stay comfortable and safe.

Unsafe Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy

Sleeping on your back

Sleeping over Your Back amid Pregnancy, you don’t need to stress over your sleeping position at all during your first trimester. Once you’re into the second trimester, however, you’ll have to abstain from mulling over your back. When you lie on your back, your uterus puts weight on the vein that delivers blood to your heart. If you lie in this position for long periods.

Specialists suggest pregnant ladies abstain from sleeping on their backs amid the second and third trimesters. The back sleep position rests the whole weight of the developing uterus and child on your back, your digestive tracts and your vena cava, the fundamental vein that conveys blood back to the heart from your lower body. This weight can exasperate spinal pains and hemorrhoids and make absorption less proficient and conceivably cause hypotension (low circulatory strain), which can make you dizzy. Not as much as ideal circulation can likewise diminish bloodstream to the fetus, giving your child less oxygen and supplements. It’s not risky if you wind up on your back now and again, however being on your back for long periods like over many months can be dangerous.

Sleeping on the Front

When you are more distant along in your pregnancy, your abdomen experiences physical changes, and it will turn out to be completely impossible for the mother to sleep on the stomach, as it might wind up harming the infant. Sleeping the back may cause breathing issues; the mother may fall short of oxygen concerning breath regularly as the weight on the body increments.This can even create issues like a miscarriage. So amid such circumstances, it is recommended for the mother to sleep straight that is with back on the bed lodging stomach towards the roof.

What side should you sleep on when pregnant?


Sleeping On Your Left-Hand Side during Pregnancy:

Specialists and midwives suggest sleeping on your left-hand side. Sleeping on the left side helps the child from pushing upwards. So the mother can try sleeping in this position to check whether it comforts her. Lying on the left side additionally keeps your growing body weight from pushing down too hard on your liver. Furthermore, keeps on enabling the child to get the perfect measure of supplements and oxygen through the placenta. In fact,  not only does this position helps in the bloodstream, but it also enhances circulation which implies your body won’t need to fill in as difficult to guarantee you have ideal blood flow for you and your infant. This position allows good bloodstream and supplements to the placenta (less weight on the vena cava) and improves kidney work, which implies better disposal of waste items and less swelling in your feet, lower limb, and hands.

Sleeping On Right Hand Side during Pregnancy

During Pregnancy Lying on your correct hand side is vastly improved than sleeping on your front or back amid the later phases of pregnancy, however, is still not as good as considering your left. This is due to considering your right-hand side can put weight on your liver which most Doctors would favor you to stay away from.

Use of Props for Your Body

Get a firm cushion, and utilize it to prop your head and abdominal area up a couple of inches. This position enables gravity to put less weight on your stomach and enable you to inhale easily.

Maternity pillows

Also known as pregnancy cushions, it is suggested to utilize these pillows between the knees while resting sideways, they do not counteract breathing and helps in ideal blood flow or circulation. They are super comfy and help in the oxygen stream throughout the body.

Sleeping on the sides with the help of a Pillow

On the off chance that back agony holds on then the position should be on the side with a pillow under the belly, this does not put weight on the back or the sides.

Sleep in a curve position

If there should arise an occurrence of regular cerebral pains and indigestion, it is suggested to sleep in an arch position, with the help of pillow under both head and legs. These aides in holding the acid level within proper limits and does not cause acidity.

Yes, you need more space

Once the trimester advances guarantee that there is sufficient room or bed to rest for two. It is very basic to wake up in the night and fondle cramped, having enough resting space makes a difference.


Best sleeping position during pregnancy

The Best sleeping position during pregnancy is sleep on side. It’s even better to -sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your left side will build the measure of blood and supplements that achieve the placenta and your infant.

What are most safe sleeping positions while pregnant?

The most secure wager for pregnant ladies past the primary trimester is to sleep your left side, a position that backings ideal circulation, giving supplement stuffed blood an easier route from your heart to the placenta to feed your child. Also, it’s more comfortable for you as your stomach area develops.


It is imperative that the partner bolsters the pregnant woman as of now and understands her mood swings because of the change in hormonal and physical structure.

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