Remedies For Morning Nausea and Sickness in Pregnancy

Pregnancy and the problems

Pregnancy is a very delicate stage for a woman. It brings lots of health issues and problems. It is better to give proper attention to that problem. Cure them before they become big. The husband and the family members need to take care of pregnant lady at every step. Slightest of mistakes may cause severe damages. At an earlier stage, it is not a big problem. But when the day of expectation approaches problems like food habit, body imbalance, vomiting, nausea and other problems slowly creep into the system. An extra care and proper routine will definitely help the pregnant lady to overcome it.

Morning sickness in pregnant women

More than two third of pregnant women face this problem. It is a common problem, but the feeling and uneasiness are not easy to handle. There are many causes of morning sickness during pregnancy. Pregnancy morning sickness will affect the women in many ways. So it is better to know why it occurs.


Cause for morning sickness in pregnant women

The causes of the morning sickness are as follows

  1.   Estrogen release and other hormones which will cause nausea and sickness
  2.   Metabolism rate and the carbohydrates level in food
  3.   Health conditions like sugar blood pressure will cause the morning sickness
  4.   Chemical imbalance
  5.   Stomach upset
  6.   Lack of fluid in the body

Effects of morning sickness in pregnant women

They change for every other pregnant woman. So some of the effects are as follows

  1.      Food habit

This is the main effect. If the pregnant woman is not eating proper food, then this problem tends to arrive. It is better to eat healthy food. As the food serves both mother and the baby. Pregnant women should not eat way too much of junk food. Split the meal into parts and eat. It will help to increase your metabolism and apatite level in a pregnant woman.

  1.      Depression and anxiety

This is all in the head. The main reason is fear. It is very important for the family and husband to help the pregnant women mentally as well. If they let depression and anxiety to get better of the pregnant woman, then things can get worse. Proper medication and the doctor’s help will heal the pregnant woman.

  1.      Nausea

It is again a common thing in pregnant woman. But it tends to ease out as the day passes. But the early morning nausea will always make the good day a bad one. So it is very important to fight it. If the pregnant women fight it quickly, then she can have a proper healthy happy day.

  1.      Vomiting

If you have nausea then it may cause vomiting. This can be cured by some easy remedies. But the effect will definitely make the pregnant women go through a very bad time. You can choose from homemade quick remedies to some chocolates. Once you come across it, things start to ease out.

What to do to come out of this sickness

First prepare yourself mentally. With good food and medical support, a pregnant woman can overcome such sickness. Before trying anything make sure that the process does not have any kind of negative effect on the pregnant woman. The cure for morning sickness in pregnancy is available in easy and many forms. Some of the options are as follows

natural morning sickness remedies

  1.   Digestion and metabolism system can have a bad effect. So make sure that you walk for few minutes after eating. Do not go straight to bed. As undigested food can lead to such problems. So it is advised to drink a good amount of water before the meal. Split the meal into small meals. Have them whenever you have urges to eat. By this way, you are allowing your food to digest properly
  2.   Ginger is a good remedy for morning sickness and nausea. The properties in ginger will help pregnant women t o get instant relief from the morning sickness. Some people prefer ginger mint tea; some people prefer ginger green tea. But make sure that you take normal amount.
  3.   Eat breakfast in your bed. This will give a few early vitamins and proteins to the body. Which will help to reduce morning sickness? This does not work for everyone. People prefer to eat after brushing and having coffee or tea.
  4.   Fluid flow is very important. So keep the liquid intake coming. By doing this, all the body parts get proper healing, and body temperature will come to normal.
  5.   After waking up lying down on the bed for few minutes. When you feel like you are up for few minutes, you can go for further activities.
  6.   Smelling lemon and onion will help you. The aroma will definitely affect your senses. It will give temporary relief for sure. Depending on the severity of the sickness the result changes.
  7.   Walking outside for few minute helps
  8.   Watch your favorite show or talk with your friend. So that your concentration is not on the pain and sickness
  9.   Do not forget to take your vitamin tablets and drink a good amount of water having a tablet.
  10.  Aromatherapy and acupuncture also help.
  11.  Prescribed medicine for the sickness. Try to avoid this. If the sickness is severe then only consider this after consulting your doctor.
  12.  Mint and chocolates also helps

Final say

The feeling of morning sickness, nausea and vomiting are not good. But these are passing feelings. As the day goes pregnant woman tends to get relief. It is important to look after yourself and your baby.

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