Advice to deal with anxiety while parenting a newborn

Parenting a newborn is most auspicious experience in the life of any couple and whether they are parenting for the first time or have been through this experience before, they will find new adventures every time they will come across this road. However, there will be a time during this journey when parents may experience anxiety and a panic attack without knowing what is happening actually. The frequency of such attacks varies for every parent depending upon their environmental and physical conditions. Though a parent with anxiety disorder may suffer from more frequent panic attacks as the result of increased anxiety but you need to understand that this anxiety is manageable in all conditions. For this purpose, you need to be more composed and organized as you can take care of your newborn only if, you will be in stable condition physically and mentally.

Anxiety and its symptoms

If you are going to be parents for the first time then you must be worried about parenting and changes in your life. This worrying can result in panic attacks and anxiety, and anxiety in such scenarios is absolutely normal. However, the actual problem will begin if this condition exceeds and can influence your health physically. Thus, it is important to overcome this situation as soon as you observe any symptoms.

anxiety after delivering baby

Some common symptoms of the anxiety are:

  • Being restless and find it difficult to sleep
  • Being worried continuously
  • Find it difficult to concentrate on single thing
  • Would not be able to relax despite of trying hard
  • Abrupt changes in heart rate
  • Frustration

Though people exhibit these symptoms due to various reasons, however, if parents and especially pregnant mothers experience these symptoms often, then it is time to take things seriously.

Methods to deal with anxiety in motherhood

Being parents for the first time is a life-changing experience because at one moment you are living life only for you and in the second moment you have a new life in your hand for whom, you are responsible in every possible way. Your life will alter completely along with your lifestyle. This change is more profound for mothers as they will not only have to deal with changes psychologically but also physically and have to stay strong in the process to take good care of the baby. Thus, it is important for mothers to know how to deal with this anxiety beforehand.

The best way to deal with the parental anxiety is to be prepared before the things start to roll. Therefore, you should know which things you need to plan in advance and which things you should do when the baby will be born when you will need to accomplish all the responsibilities.

Some tips that can help you avoid or reduce anxiety while parenting a newborn are as follow:

Plan parenting

Parents especially mothers have various concerns regarding their babies and their parental responsibilities as soon as they know they are pregnant. If these concerns are not addressed properly they can make mother anxious and can result in panic attacks with the passage of time. To avoid such situation it is important for parents to discuss their concerns. Fathers can play an important role in this regard. Mother and father should discuss both of their concerns to each other and come up with a common solution for every issue. Like if the mother is worried about lack of sleep and not sure of the role played by the father then discussing such concern can help parents identify when their partner will need their help most. This way each parent will know their role discretely and can reduce the anxiety and stress of their partner.

plan parenting

Energy is your asset use it wisely

One should remember that parenting is not only a full-time job but it also drains the energy of parents if not consumed sensibly. Knowing this fact parents should postpone any such projects and routines that can consume their energy and they left none to deal with rest of the responsibilities especially of their baby. Particularly mothers should understand that after giving birth to their baby they will be lethargic and will need time to recover. Along with this they also need to look after their baby around the clock. Therefore, any plans like hard physical training, home renovations, etc., should be postponed as physical excursion can result in high level of anxiety.  

Spare time for you

Anxiety and motherhood have become inevitable with each other in present time. It is because of the fast pacing lifestyle of modern day woman. However, if managed properly new mothers can avoid this situation and can enjoy their motherhood at best. For this, it is important that mothers of newborns should spare some time for them only. Discussing this with your partner can help you acquire the help you will need to look after your baby and you can utilize this time for relaxation purpose or to do anything that can help you soothe your senses. You can visit spa or go to walk if you like as such activities can help you relax physically and mentally.

Dedicate time to your partner

The one major change that has been observed in the life of a couple is they get disconnected from each other after the birth of their first baby. It is mostly because they are over conscious about the parenting and remain on their toes even if the baby is sleeping soundly in his bed. This is an alarming situation and can result in stress in your personal life. So, to avoid such situation it is recommended by clinical psychologists that parents should take out time for each other especially after the baby is born. The strong physical and mental connection between parents can help them deal with anxiety in an effective way. Also, during this time partners should talk to each other, about each other rather than a baby.

Dedicate time to your partner

These are few tips that can help you deal with anxiety during parenting your newborn. Remember, parenting with depression and anxiety can lead to harmful effects not only on your personal life but also on the life of your baby. For healthy nurturing, your baby will need healthy environment which can be maintained only if parents are in the sound condition in terms of health. If the condition of anxiety persists of long, it is recommended to seek medical help.

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