Struggles and challenges of being a special needs parent

Being a parent demands a lot, however, being a parent of a special needs child is one of the toughest jobs ever. Raising a special needs child may bring exhaustion and frustration in your life. Down syndrome, autism, muscular dystrophy, and sensory processing disorders are just a bit of the special needs which children can face. Despite the fact that parents of a special child love their little one as much as the parents of a normal child but the struggles and challenges they face are thousand times more than the average parents.

Struggles and challenges of being a special needs parent

Being a parent of even a normal child can bring frustration and exhaustion in your life, however, the challenges and problems become multifarious the other way around. Parenting a child with special needs brings a lot of judgment that you and your child will have to tolerate, the guilt you will feel, and then an additional care and attention you will have to put in their upbringing.

Here is a look at a few struggles that the special needs parent undergo which are very much different than the struggles of an average and normal child’s parents.


Always worry about their child’s acceptance

Every parent fears their child being unaccepted, cast out, or bullied. However, for the parents who are raising a special needs child, such qualms are even greater. Humans tend to be frightened by the things which are different than usual and normal, hence, they become uncomfortable being surrounded by them. Consequently, it is not uncommon for the special children to be picked on, mocked, teased, name-called, left out, and even bullied by the normal and intelligent children around. So, parenting a special needs child takes a toll on your mind when you see your child being unaccepted in this world of smart individuals.

mom worry about child’s acceptance

You may face financial insecurity

Although, parenting a normal child requires finances for their food, shelter, clothing, childcare, activities, and education, however, all these expenditures double in the upbringing of a special child. In addition to that, raising a special needs child demands money for medical care, special equipment, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and several other things which a special child might need.

If you are a parent of a special child and not so rich then there are a great many chances of you falling into financial turmoil.

Hard to see normal children growing up

Parenting a child with special needs make it difficult to see other normal children achieving milestones. We are not saying, that you feel jealous of them. It is just that you become neurotic when you see average children easily doing their normal tasks such as walking, dressing, feeding, and talking which your special needs child cannot or hardly accomplish. You really want to see your child as successful as the normal children.

Being judged by everybody

Among the struggles of being a special needs parent is that you constantly feel being judged. You feel that your child, as well as your parenting, are being judged by others. Everyone who passes by you and your child will stare at both of you and you really cannot translate their gazes. The best you can do is getting accustomed to all that stuff and let things be. However, such situations make you depressed and frustrated deep down.

The Hospital becomes your second home

Raising a special needs child require regular check-ups in the medical center. This, not only, takes a toll on your money but your other responsibilities and duties may also suffer as if you have other normal children then they might get ignored in the process. On top of all, seeing your special needs child not recovering is likely to fall you into a sea of distress. The worst of all worries is that usually, children with special needs do not make it to the average life expectancy of the normal individuals, hence, keeping you always anxious and worried about that, too.

Hospital becomes your second home

You feel purposefully ignored by others

Being a child of special needs, you must relate to it. You feel that you are purposefully avoided by your friends or even by your family. People who were your closed ones

might isolate you on account of having a special need child. They might not invite you to their parties and get-togethers owing to the fear that your special needs child may bring them embarrassment. They also fear that an ‘episode’ might occur which could make the situation difficult to handle for them. However, people who truly and unconditionally love you will never give such doubts a shit. Be surrounded by them.

Their special needs make you feel exhausted

Parenthood brings a lot of challenges even with the normal children, however, parents of the special needs child are mostly seen complaining about their struggles in raising their kid. The special needs child may face difficulty in falling asleep and/or staying asleep. He either needs to eat from time to time or eats nothing at all. He may scream a lot, fight a lot, or even beat others. He may have difficulty in walking, talking, listening, and feeding.  Hence, there is a plethora of special requirements which parents of a special needs child have to meet.

exhausted parents

Parenting a child with special needs is one of the most daunting responsibilities, God has ever assigned to anyone in the world. This is the full-time job which calls for a lot of patience, attention, affection, and care. But the fact is that the parents of a special needs child get selected among hundreds and thousands of people owing to their extraordinary capabilities and strengths. God knows, that only you are capable of nurturing His ‘special gift’ so He has blessed you with that. Never get worried and be a proud parent of your special needs child who really has made you special in the eyes of God. Nicely bring them up and get rewarded by God in this life and the life to come.

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