Newborn Must Buy Baby Girl Shopping List With Pictures

“I know a girl, she puts the color inside my world” – Mother

The arrival of a new baby in the family is one of the most enthralling experiences in a life of a couple. You are not only excited but also impatient to see your little one in your hand. The soon to be parents get so excited that they start preparing for baby’s arrival in the start of third trimester.. There is so much to do and especially when your little one is a “baby girl” then, certainly everything needs special care and lots of aesthetic sense. There is a wide variety available when it comes to shopping for baby girls. But yes … this is the point where you need to be careful. This is the high time when you will need good finance available at your hand and spending money recklessly can constrain you financially. But it does not mean that you cannot fill your world with colors and dreams. Proper planning is key to your peace of mind.

Here is the shopping list that can help you manage your finances and get all that you need simultaneously:

Clothes for baby girl

Of Course, clothes are must buy items for baby girls. For girls, you will find the huge variety of fancy clothes available. But don’t get tempted. You will have a life time to adorn your daughter with stunning outfits. At the present moment, you need to find clothes that are practical, comfortable and can keep your baby warm. When choosing clothes for your baby it is important to consider the weather in which your baby is going to be born. If your baby is going to be winter born then you will need blanket sleepers, sweaters, hats and other such accessories to keep baby warm. However, if your baby will be summer born then light clothes with half sleeves can do the job.

Along with this you should always remember that no matter what the season is, always try to get cozy clothes for your baby with wide openings for head and lose arms and legs. The preferred material for baby is usually 100% cotton as it can help you avoid skin allergies. And yes as you are having a baby girl you can go for any color you like but pink and purple are must have for the little angel’s wardrobe.

Clothes for baby girl

Diapers and baby accessories

Baby girl’s shopping list cannot be completed without baby accessories and diapers. You may feel uncomfortable when changing diapers of the baby in beginning but take my words on it, with right accessories at hand, you won’t even notice. For this purpose, you should prepare a separate bag in which you can place all things required to change nappy. The first thing you need to get is a pack of diapers suitable for newborn babies. You can find variety of diapers available in market and there are many companies offering distinct diapers for boys girls.

Along with diapers, you will also need baby wipes, changing sheets, liners, soft washcloth, powder and nappy rash cream. You can also include disposable bags in this list as it will help you to discard diapers without the smell. Accompanied by disposable diapers, you can also find washable diapers available in the market as per your convenience.

Your baby girl’s bag will be incomplete without her bathing accessories. Nowadays the market is over flooded with brands selling toiletries for babies. However, you should always opt for brands recommended by doctors. The toiletries you should purchase for your baby must include baby shampoo, baby wash, and baby lotion. Also, do not forget to add nail clipper to this list as you will need special nail clipper for a baby for those tiny little fingers and toes.

Diapers and baby accessories

Nursery & Baby Monitor for baby girl

It is obvious that you do not want to keep your baby at a distance when she will arrive but pretty soon she will need her own space to sleep. To make arrangements you can set up a small nursery within your own room to keep your baby in front of your eyes. Any nursery is incomplete without a crib. You can either buy crib or cradle for your little one but make sure that is secure and sturdy so that you can leave your baby in it with complete peace of mind. For bedding purpose, you will need small mattress and quilt that can keep your baby cozy while sleeping. It is recommended that you should purchase a baby monitor that can be attached to the crib as it can help you keep eye on your baby while you do your household tasks. Small nursery will make sure that your baby has her own place where she can sleep peacefully.

nursery and baby monitors

Commute for baby

Travelling with a baby is not an easy thing to do. To take your baby girl along with you while you are on a walk or traveling at long distance you will need special arrangements. Safety is of prime importance in this regard. Therefore, you should look for gadgets available that can help you move your baby along with you without any hassle. Your baby girl’s shopping list should include these gadgets like a stroller, baby car seat, baby carry cot and baby belt to keep baby cling to you while you are walking.  You should always buy these products of known brands as the quality of these gadgets will ensure safety for your baby.

commute for baby

Buying for baby girls is much more exciting, you can enjoy adding colors to all these things and adding these things to your list can help you know that yes you are all set for the arrival of the princess in your life. One thing you need to remember during whole shopping thing that for your delicate baby quantity of things does not matter rather it is the quality of things that you should be bothered about. Low-quality products can not only cause health problems for your baby and can also result in accidents.

Did I miss something? Do you have an interesting item that you would like to suggest? Add in the comments below 🙂

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