Must buy shopping list for baby boys

Congratulations!! So you have been informed that you are going to be proud parents of a baby boy. Now you must be eager to complete your shopping for your baby as soon as possible. But wait. Take a deep breath and relax. This must be an overwhelming experience for you as you must be looking forward to buy all you can for your little angel but this is also the time when you will in need of money most. So, think and plan accordingly. When preparing a shopping list of baby boys you have to consider most important aspects of comfort and safety first. Along with this, it is also important for you to consider your ease as well. Thus, your shopping list should contain all items that will ensure comfort and safety for your child and easiness for you so that you can manage your baby conveniently.

shopping list for baby boys

Now the question is what to buy and what to not. A carefully devised shopping list for your baby can help you sort important things that you should acquire before the birth of your baby, it is also important for you to remember that you cannot predict that if you will have a normal delivery or C-Section as per your medical conditions at that time. Therefore, you should be prepared for both scenarios and should complete all your preparations beforehand. This way you will be able to enjoy quality time with your baby along with happy recovery.

Here is the shopping list for your baby boy that can help you get all that you may need. You can customize this list according to your need and budget:

Accessories for nursery

The nursery is the first thing that you may need to prepare for the arrival of your little one and crib is the most important part of this nursery. If your house does not have enough rooms to spare then you can also create a small nursery for your baby in the corner of your room. So, whether you set up a separate nursery or convert one part of your room into it you will need a crib for your baby in any case. Along with baby crib, you will also need to acquire comfortable bedding for your baby. The bedding can include mattress, pillows, and comforter to keep baby warm. You can also use blankets if the season is not that cold. You can also get your nursery equipped with accessories like change station. Rocking chair, dresser, humidifier and baby monitor. These things can facilitate you to organize your baby and monitor him while he is sleeping.

Accessories for baby boy nursery

Safety Accessories

Though you will not need these safety accessories until your baby will start crawling, however, getting your surroundings accident proof for baby will give you peace of mind in long term. To secure your home environment you can get stair gates that can stop your baby from climbing stairs. Similarly, you can install cabinet latches, drawer latches, bumpers for fireplace and covers for outlets.

Feeding Accessories

Feeding accessories are the ones that you are going to require as soon as your baby will be born. However, the things you may need will depend upon what method you will adopt, to feed your baby. If you are intended to breastfeed your baby you will need nursing pillow first to carry your baby comfortably. Along with this, you should also add nursing bras, nursing pads and a breast pump to your shopping list. However, whether you are using breastfeed or formula milk you will need feeding bottle and bottle nipples along with cleaning brushed and cotton bibs. If you have sufficient cash available you can also buy bottle sterilizer to keep bottles clean for your baby.

Feeding Accessories for newborns

Baby care accessories

The next part of the shopping list comprises of baby care products that can help you ensure your baby hygiene and cleanliness. For diapering purpose you should get at least 2 packs of diapers for newborns, wipes, changing mat and diaper rash ointment. For grooming and bathing of your baby you will need various products like towels, bathing tub, wash clothes, comb, brush, nail clippers, cotton swabs, and cotton balls. You will also need to buy high quality baby bathing products like shampoo, body wash and baby lotion. However, always try to purchase good quality products that are tested for allergies and other chemical reactions. There is a wide range of brands available like Johnson & Johnson and Mothercare that can help you keep your baby clean.

Baby care accessories

Clothes for your baby boy

Yes, clothes are most important part of your shopping list and as you need to shop for your baby boy you will find it more challenging as there is a limited range of colors available for boys. Most parents prefer to buy blue to white clothes for their baby boys however, you can buy any color you want as baby always look cute in every color. For clothing, it is recommended that you should prefer buying cotton clothes so that your baby should remain comfortable and warm. You will find a variety of clothes available in the market for babies and you can buy clothes like bodysuits, side-snap t-shirts, rompers and sleeping pajamas and gowns. If it is summer time you can buy sun hat, however, for winters you will need to buy additional clothing items like a wool hat, sweaters, bunting, booties, socks, and mittens. You should also add wrapping sheet to this list that can help you hold your baby conveniently.  

Clothes for your baby boy

Other accessories for going out

Along with the above mentioned articles, you will also need accessories that can help you hold your baby or carry your baby especially when you will need to go out of the home. For this purpose, you should add items like a car seat. Stroller, diaper bag and front carrier to your shopping list.

These are some essential items that should be part of your shopping list for your baby boy. Purchasing these things in advance will help you get yourself organized before arrival of your baby. However, for emergency purpose you should also prepare two bags in advance: one for you and one for your baby so that you can take these bags to hospital whenever the time will come.

Other accessories for going out with baby

This is a comprehensive shopping list for your baby boy however, if you can think of anything else that you consider important to have especially for baby boy, do share in comments.

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