Must Buy Nursery Items for Babies

Becoming a mom is not so simple. You do not have to just become a mommy, but there are lots of other stuff which you need to go through. However, that stuff is something you will love a lot. It’s, gathering all the basic and cute little things for your little kiddo. The dazzling selection of adorable items for a nursery can overwhelm any parent especially, the new ones.

So, it’s really very important to understand that what one should buy for their baby. Some people just go and spend thousands of rupees on things you won’t actually need. So, it’s better that before you go ahead, you must have a look at the must and must not buy guide.

1. Cradle

You can certainly survive without these items. But once you start using it from the beginning, you get a more easy life as these things are really handy. Obviously, no beautiful mother wants their little baby hanging around their neck always. They also want some relaxation instead of trying their level best to make the baby sleep. Moreover, your baby will feel more cozy and comfy as it gives your kiddo a warm and pleasant feeling.

1. Baby Cradle

2. Crib

This one is a must. When you are planning to buy crib, there are certain decisions to make. Before making any decision, you must consider all the ‘crib safety standards’. For instance, there are different features in different kinds of cribs. Like, some cribs have a storage drawer attached to it. While some are convertible, means it can become a bed too, which can be useful as your toddler gets a little grown-up.  However, when you are buying a crib, you need to buy a comfortable mattress too. This can make your kid spend almost 12 to 16 hours on it, enjoying his cozy and comfy sleep.

2. Crib with Baby

3. Changing Table

This also comes under the basic need of baby nursing. Well. Most of the parents do not consider this as a very important thing. This is because they can manage changing diapers and clothes of their baby on their bed only. However, this doesn’t look good in front of someone else. Obviously, you won’t do it in front of your friend or any relative. So it’s much better to have separate changing station rather than messing up your sweet, cozy, clean bed.

So, when you will be buying this, do make sure that you get a stable model with safety straps. Also there should be proper place to keep all the nursing items. Having a changing station, keeps you in a comfort zone. This will also prevent unnecessary mess in your room.

3. baby-changing-table

4. Rocking Chair or Glider

These are more popular these days, or I must say these are really fascinating.  You can also get a second-hand if you can get easily. Otherwise, people who don’t, they usually, end up buying new one. So, let comfort be your guide. When you are choosing, go for that model that feels good to you and is comfy in all way.

4. Rocking chair baby

5. Baby Pram or Stroller

This is a total must have item. As with the baby, you need freedom. Now, when you have a pram, it would be easy to go shopping malls or having a good walk in a park, in cozy weather. Before buying, you must check it all way and get full satisfied regarding the quality and durability. It should have good features like it should be easy to open, close or fold-up. So, go for the one which suits you best.

5. baby pram

Now, you must be having a good idea of the big must have items. So, let’s have a look on some very basic nursing items too.

1. Cotton balls

For the first few weeks, they are really helpful as you cannot wash the baby’s tender skin so frequently. So, to wipe the gentle soft skin of your baby, you need to have a large packet of cotton balls. These are really of good and vital use in winters specially.

6. Cotton balls for baby

2. Baby oil

This is also a basic nursing requirement. Your doctor may also suggest you to have it. This can also be used with cotton balls to wipe off sticky poops, from your baby’s skin. This is most helpful for massaging purpose, which is good for baby’s health. Get the one, of good and trusted company and not of a local standard.

7. baby oil massage

3. Baby wipes and skin care ointments

It is best to have a good number of baby wipes which are good to use. You do not have to rush with your baby, especially in winters, to the bathroom. Simply use a baby wipe to clean your baby. Make sure, when you are using this, it should be fragrance and alcohol free. Skin care ointments should be utilized as per the doctor’s recommendations. Later on, you can use the one which suits best to your baby.

8. baby wipes

4. Baby shampoo

There are many different varieties in baby shampoos and of many different and good companies. However, a tear free formula is the best that you should have for your baby. As infants, enjoy their bath with the foamy and cool effect the baby shampoo. Also, they don’t need to close their eyes tightly while having a bath.

9. baby shampoo

5. Baby bath liquid or soap

There are various brands of baby bath liquids or soaps. But as to per my opinion, you should ask your consultant to recommend you a good brand, which best suits your baby. While mostly, people prefer the one that is not containing too many fragrances or additives. Because the baby’s skin is very sensitive and gentle, you should always go for the one that is chemical free.

10. baby bath liquid

6. Baby nail clipper or scissor

Obviously, you don’t want your babies to scratch their lovely little faces. So, you must have a small nail clipper or a round shaped and small pair of scissor, not like the elder one. Having a one with more rounded tips and not as sharp as the elder one, will make it easy for you to cut your baby’s soft nails.

11. Baby Nail Clipper

Apart from these basic items, you must also have a soft comb and brush to settle your baby’s soft hairs. However, if your baby is bald, then these would be in your drawer at least for a couple of months.

There are baby medicine must haves too, that should be there in your house, in case of any emergency. These include; digital thermometer, they are fast, accurate and inexpensive. So, it’s easy for you to get any brand. Now, it’s up to you how you will take the reading. You can either check the temperature rectally or under the armpit.

Heating pad, this is basically utilized when your little darling’s tummy is quite constipated and your baby is having difficulty in passing the stool. You need to make sure that the one you are using is not very hot.

And while you are using, you must always wrap it in a cover or cloth so that it feels comfortable for the baby.

So, I hope this guide was a useful one for you. However, there a more items too that usually, parents find useful and necessary, but these are the basic and important ones. Having all these must-haves will make it easy for you to take good care of your baby

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