11 Maternity Halloween Costumes for Expecting Mothers (2017)

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are a pregnant mommy-to-be, it is a golden time for you to show off that cute little (maybe not that little!) baby bump of yours in full Halloween style. After all, it can prove to be a vital Halloween costume accessory, right?! For all pregnant Halloween mommies out there, we have prepared a list of ideas for maternity Halloween costumes which are devilishly gorgeous and mischievously adorable!

  1.     Pregnant Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkins pumpkins everywhere! Yes, it’s the Halloween! And without a doubt, your belly bump looks just like a grown pumpkin. So why not take the benefit of your perfect melon shape? Paint a grinning hollow-eyed Halloween pumpkin on your black shirt or sew one on it, and you are good to go! But don’t panic if you don’t have a black shirt or top. When it comes to Halloween costumes, orange is the new black. Draw a cutie, puny belly pumpkin with black non-toxic paint and enjoy the Halloween with a twist!

  1.     Pregnant Zombie Costume

Alright, we know! Halloween feels incomplete without zombies chasing you with their dead eyes and limp heads rolling to one side. Scared you there! This Halloween, pregnant mommies can adopt a zombie style by sticking little doll arms and legs—even a head if they want a spice up—to their baby bumps making it look like their baby is poking out of their belly scaring the hell out of others. Good idea, don’t you think?!

  1.     Unicorn Maternity Costume

Who doesn’t like the cute ethereal creatures like unicorns?! These magical beings have always been an attraction to everyone. This Halloween, glam up your appearance with a cute unicorn maternity costume in flowing glittering white embellished with a dazzling head accessory of colourful feathers and a white horn sticking out of your forehead. What’s more, you can add a touch of scary through a tiny unicorn horn sticking out of your belly. A unicorn baby is on the way!

  1.     Skeleton Maternity Costume

Though X-rays are not advisable during pregnancy, you can still display yours on the front. Get a skeleton maternity costume by painting your black top with a white skeletal image of your ribs. To enhance the effect, you can apply skeletal makeup, too, to complete the picture. Also, paint a white baby skeleton on your belly bulge. A perfect picture of a skeleton family!

  1.     Pregnant Mummy-to-be Costume

Egypt, pyramids, underground caves, what comes to mind? A mummy!!! Pregnant mothers can opt for a mummy maternity costume to celebrate Halloween in a spooky style. Wrap yourself loosely with thin gauze to create a mummy-to-be with your baby bump poking out dramatically. Add a spookilicious touch by painting your bump with two tiny eyes and a little hand in a way to make it look like as if your baby is peeking at the world from inside the belly. Cute and creative!

  1.     Red Devil Mommy Costume

Mommies are devils! At least that’s what the kids think. This Halloween, bring the devil inside you in front of the world to let everyone see how devilishly adorable you are! Raise Hell with a vivid red devil maternity costume which will make you stand out at any party, and will highlight your baby bump, too. Complement it with matching horns and a pointed red tail, and your devil getup is all set. Oh, don’t forget your prong, pregnant demon! You are the ruler of Hell tonight after all.

  1.     Autumn Maternity Costume

Autumn is incomplete without Halloween, and Halloween is incomplete without a touch of autumn. Going for an autumn mommy costume will be the best choice. Paint your dress in colours of autumn—gold, russet, orange and red—and accentuate the look with a head gear of autumn leaves and shoulders covered in green. To link autumn and Halloween in your costume, paint your belly with a pumpkin. Mother and child, autumn and Halloween, isn’t it a nice combination?!

  1.     Ghost Maternity Costume

Another spookily wonderful idea for Halloween maternity costumes is a ghost costume. Paint the front of your white or any other light toned shirt with the image of a smiling ghost right at your baby bump. It would seem like a tiny ghost is peeping out of your tummy. If you want to scare the onlookers, grab a makeup kit and turn yourself into a ghost, too. A hospitable ghost family is at your disposal!

  1.     Black Witch Cauldron Costume

A unique way to dress yourself on this Halloween is to adopt the appearance of a black witch wearing a pointed black hat on her head and holding her trademark broom in one hand and a black cauldron in the other. Well, not in the hand technically, but tied to her baby bulge. A distinctively creative idea it would be! This maternity costume will add a touch of humour and fun to the party while still making you a central part of Halloween celebrations. What do you think?

  1.     Mama Bird Maternity Costume

Another cool way to add beauty to your Halloween attire is to turn yourself into a mama bird. The beaked facial mask with cerulean and white feathers will serve as a perfect accessory for the getup. Turn your bulging belly into the shape of a nest by painting your white or light blue dress in a way to make it seem filled with straw and bird eggs. You will look like “a bird in the nest” on the move. Fun, isn’t it?!

  1.     Nun with Devils Maternity Costumes

Nuns have always been portrayed as archenemies of devils and satanic followers. Hence they can be an essential part of Halloween carnivals. Dress yourself up as a religious nun in black and white with a shining cross hanging down your front. Accentuate the look by holding two dolls dressed in orange as if you are their captor. The tummy bulge you have will add moralistic and religious touch to your overall look.


Halloween carousing is fun, and your choice of clothing can entirely change the way you celebrate this entertaining moment that presents itself after  a whole year. I hope you’ll like our pregnant halloween costume ideas.


What will you be wearing this weekend? Comment in the section below.


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