Tips for new parents to get deal with sleep depreviation and stay fit

Wow! So now finally your bundle of joy has arrived.

Having a great time, isn’t it?

Give your excitement a break, yes sleep is vital during postnatal phase; too little shut-eye can be dangerous. Getting enough sleep is important for your sanity and safety at least during the first few months.

Wondering how to get sleep with a newborn?

You will see a lot of friends suggesting the blissful theory of “sleep when the baby sleeps” but that is not applicable to everyone. Take a reality check! For new parents especially mother, taking catnaps during the day can be a tall order for new moms.

You will be surprised to know a study conducted by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center. The research revealed that sleep-related crash is faced by people who take sleep less than four to five hours. So yes sleep is important for good health.

Don’t worry there are plenty of ways you and your partner can take into consideration when it comes health and sleep after having a baby.

Let’s learn how to deal with sleep deprivation after baby arrives and stay fit at the same time

If you can’t sleep, lie down

Don’t be upset if you can’t take enough sleep. Not being able to plenty of rest usually puts new parents under stress. Experts suggest just lying down for few minutes can restore health. Whenever you get time to lie down on the couch and try to avoid phone during that time. Take it seriously, avail all your opportunities to rest.


Don’t hesitate to seek assistance

You may opt to take turns so that you and your partner don’t get exhausted at the same time. You can also seek help from the new grand-mother (your mother-in-law) in this regard. Trust me this is one of the best ways to get a solid stretch of sleep during right hours when your body is asking for it.

Many of our family and friends are willing to look after the baby, particularly during the first few months.

Don’t hesitate and don’t turn down help offered!

Remember help comes in several ways:

  • You can take a nap or shower while visitors can watch your baby for you.
  • Your close family members can help you with household chores like cooking, cleaning or anything that can give you some sigh of relief.
  • Close family members can spend nights at your place. You can ask them for few favors like getting milk prepared (in case your baby is on bottle feed), changing diapers.

And here is the best part especially for the mothers who are breastfeeding their infants nursing mothers get more sound sleep — that quickly repairs the body and heals muscles. Thanks to prolactin, the growth hormone which functions very actively while lactation.

Don’t aim for perfection

Don’t set your priorities that are too high to chase. Health and staying fit is important. Forget about the minutes and details of the workout. Commit realistic goals with yourself that are good enough to achieve and keep you motivated at the same time. You can go for walk if you are tired of the workout. But on the other hand, keep your diet balanced in a way that you don’t suffer from any deficiency.

‘Keep in mind Good enough should be good enough!’

Be flexible in your routine

Forget about intense work out; opt for 15-30 minutes workout to keep it going instead of permanent NO to it. You might do it first thing in the morning but if you are still sleepy or didn’t get chance to sleep do it later in the day. In fact, you can go tomorrow not a big deal!

This applies to your daily household chores too which are not too urgent and can be done some other time or day.

Keep track diaper changes and feeding

Lack of sleep will leave your brain feeling foggy. It is important during the early months, that you track your baby’s eating, sleeping and diaper changing habits. Notes or probably some apps can be of great help. This will allow you to organize your routine in a better way giving you some additional minutes of sleep.


Healthy food and plenty of water

One simply cannot deny the fact how our eating habits affect our health. Of course, having soda instead of water or burger instead of fresh salad can make you feel unenergetic and sluggish.

Find healthier alternatives; go for homemade meals, soups, salads, and vegetable and fruit smoothies.

And water! Don’t forget to consume a decent quantity of water for all benefits it offers. Staying hydrated will avoid having unwanted headaches, and ensure your body is performing at its best.

Explore the lighter side

There are often moments when you feel like you are almost mentally deranged due to sleep deprivation. Don’t such feeling take over you and laugh instead, trust me it’s more refreshing. Laughing actually keeps things under control. Surround yourself or spend some time with funny things like stand-up skits, comedy television shows anything that you think can give you some lighter moments.

You cannot get rid of sleep deprivation but find some ways to combat it for sure.

Mind it! New parent and sleep deprivation is a combination one just simply can’t run away from.

Be smart use smarter ways to enjoy these moments.

Sleepless nights won’t last forever

New parents should understand that they will not be stuck in sleep deprivation forever. Stay positive this like other phases of life shall pass too.

Sleepless nights won’t last forever

Good news is healthy babies usually settle down their sleeping routine and sleep for longer hours at night by the age of 3-4 months. So be calm and don’t get panic.


To all new parents out there please relax!

You won’t be sleep deprived for rest of your life.

Although it’s really hard for new or first-time parents. We hope these tips will help you in some way and you will surely get through these challenging days and nights safely.

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