How To Dress And Undress a Newborn Baby

It seems like hell to dress up babies because they don’t like being disturbed, and especially they create a lot of fuss when they realize that you are going to take clothes off their head. New moms usually panic when they see their child crying as it is their first experience and they don’t know how to dress a newborn baby.

You don’t have to worry so much about dressing babies up because it is easier than you think. You will find it hard at first, but gradually you will see that it is as easy as an ABC. You can find as much assistance from the step by step illustrations given here.

Prepare the Dress:

It is always wise to prepare all the necessary things before disturbing your little one because once you start to undress him, he will cry so much that you will forget every other thing. Here is the list of things you must do before undressing your child.

baby dress-up on changing matt

Choose Suitable Clothes:

Most mothers like to change their baby’s clothes while they are sleeping to prevent the fuss. Therefore the clothes chosen should be easy to remove when the baby is asleep. Dresses with wide sleeves and large neck opening will serve the purpose well, plus one size big clothes are a blessing too. Your baby will be comfortable and also she will be able to wear them longer.

The material of the clothing should be light such as cotton, fleece, cashmere or soft wool and they should be elastic. Make sure that there are not too many buttons especially on the back. Avoid the ones with ribbons, fabric accents or strings because your baby might choke on them. Hats you use should be thin and strings will be good too because they are not easy to remove by toddlers. Just remember not to tie them up under the chin, instead tie on the side.

Prepare the Suitable Spot:

Pick a permanent spot for changing your baby’s clothes. The one where you change her nappy or diaper is the best option because the baby will feel comfortable and easy there as it is familiar to her. It can be a table or a changing mat. Prepare clothes for your baby and lay them before time, at a spot where you can reach them easily. It will save you from discomfort and panic.

Wash new clothes multiple times before use to remove the chemicals from them. Clothes with zippers and snaps to fasten the garment are easy to use and while changing the diaper they will be a blessing.

Provide Full Support:

If your child is younger than 8 months provide an extra support to his head as he cannot support it himself. The best way is to hold him in the lap and your legs will provide support to his head. If the baby is older, you can dress her up when she is sitting, and also you can talk to her to distract her.

Be Calm and Gentle:

You should be calm and gentle while dressing your baby up. Babies can sense the tension in the atmosphere around them and get panicked. In addition, babies usually try to avoid the change of clothes, thus, they are not so cooperative. So, you should not hurry or be angry at that time.

The first experience of changing your baby’s clothes will probably be your worst one, but you can never know how to dress a baby until you try it. Babies seem fragile and if they don’t cooperate, it will become miserable to handle for you. Still, you have to calm yourself down and try to make your baby happy. Sit right next to her or just in front of her so she can see you and listen to your talk. Now play and laugh with her and gradually it will become an easy task for you.

Time to Undress:

It is usually easy to undress your baby than getting her dressed. You should check that atmosphere is not too cold to undress her. It is better to close the door and windows before undressing the baby because babies are vulnerable to colds. Then, remove the clothes one by one.

  1. Adjust your baby in front of you on his back. Make sure to spread the changing mat under the baby to avoid direct contact with the surface.
  2. Hold the elbow of your baby with one hand and slide the sleeve off with the other hand.
  3. Turn the baby on her side and repeat your actions with the other sleeve.
  4. Then supporting her head, take the shirt off. While taking it off, stretch the neckline wide to clear the chin and face, then gently pull off the shirt.
  5. Remember to remove clothes in phases. Remove clothes from limbs individually while the head is completely supported.

undress newborn

Repeat the same pattern to take off the blouse or sweater. Whereas, in order to remove the sleepsuit, grab your baby from legs and turn her on the side. Pull the suit off one leg, then switch your hands and remove it from the other leg. That’s the long and short of it.

Step-by-step Guide for Dressing:

Dressing up is the most difficult of all. This is because the baby, while undressed, feels uncomfortable and wants you to cover her as soon as possible. You may really panic during this situation, but keep calm and do your work gently. Here are complete instructions for dressing up the baby:

how to dress up a newborn

1- Nappy or Diaper Change:

First of all, you have to change the diaper or nappy of your baby. For doing so, grab her by the legs with one hand and slide the diaper under her hip. Then leave the legs and do the rest of the work. If you have not already put the changing mat under the baby, then you should slide it under the baby first, before changing the diaper.


After the diaper, put the trousers or pajamas on, so that the legs do not get cold. Gather one leg of the trousers in your hand and then pull baby’s leg through it with the other hand. Repeat the process for other leg and then pull the trousers up to the hip. If you are dressing her up in the bodysuit or a zipper, then you should start it from the neck instead of legs just like the shirt. In case of a sleepsuit, start from the leg and arm of one side then the other side.


For putting on the shirt you have to start from the neck which makes it the most difficult to wear. Let’s see how to do it:


Firstly, stretch the neck and sleeves of the shirt, then gather it while holding by the neck. This will make the shirt roll and get on in one move. Otherwise, you will have to drag it all over baby’s face causing her to panic. Begin at the crown of the head, and then carefully but not too slowly, ease the shirt around the front of the head and down, over the face. It will be quick enough for your baby, so she doesn’t cry.


Stretch arm holes wide. Put your three fingers in from the outside. Now, straighten the arm of the baby, grab her palm and gently pull the sleeve over her hand. Repeat the process with another arm. You should watch out for little fingers and thumb too because they usually get caught in the sleeves.

4-Wrap Shirt or Sleepsuit:

First of all, put on one of the sleeves. Then, roll the trousers’ leg, grab its end with one hand, lift your baby’s thigh and pull the leg over her foot. Slide your hand under her leg, hug her hip and thigh with your hand and turn her to another side. Now repeat the same pattern, put other sleeve and trousers’ leg on.

Some people also put on the sleepsuit by putting both legs first and then the sleeves. You can try either way, but choose the one which is the easiest and comfortable way for both of you, that is, you and your baby.


Socks are the easiest ones to put on. They do not require any kind of skill and only instincts are necessary. First, stretch the sock hole wide and then, put it on baby’s foot. That’s it!


The most important thing about putting on the hat is to keep baby’s head safe and supported. Remember not to pull baby’s head up. Instead, gently slide the hat on top of the head, then turn her head to one side and pull the hat. Repeat the same with the other side of the head. Make sure that you put the hat on the head from the back of the head, sliding it towards the forehead. Otherwise, baby’s hair will be strained and cause pain. You can place your baby on your lap for easily turning her head.

The hat should be put only in the certain circumstances. For example, after a bath, put the hat on for a little while to prevent her from being cold. Take it off after your baby is not cold anymore.  In addition, you should also put it on before going out. Use sunhat in summer and woolen hats in winter to keep your baby safe from heat or cold, respectively.

I hope you got real help from this article. Do inform us about your views, suggestions or ideas in the comments section.

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