How Much And How Long To Breastfeed?

By the age of 2 to 3 months, babies will require nursing 7 to 9 times a day, probably. As the babies get older and older they will feed less often, as they will be developing a mature digestive system and a reliable schedule. But again, it totally relies on the baby. Some might feed after every 2 to 3 hours while others may demand after 4 hours. However, a newborn should not go more than 4 hours without feedings, even overnight. This is because their digestive system is still not developed fully and they cannot resist for long without feedings.

It is very natural that you cannot keep a measure of the feedings from the time when your baby starts nursing- rather than when he or she ends nursing. So, in other words you can explain to your doctor if she asks you that ‘how often your baby feeds’; you can tell her that ‘after every two hours’. Suppose, you start at 7am then at 9 am then again at ten o’clock and so on.

This means that at the beginning of time you may feel that you are feeding round the clock, which is completely normal and there’s nothing to worry about. Afterwards, it will all be better and your little darling and you yourself too, will be in a proper routine and would be following a proper schedule.

At the beginning, the newborns may feed longer; at least, ten to fifteen minutes from each breast. However, a little older one, like two to three month baby may take five to ten minutes from each side. At times, the nursing time period of infants may vary so, you have to wait for your sweet little baby to tell you

‘Mommy! I need more’

It is also very important to understand and know that when does your baby feel hungry. Sometimes it happens mostly with the first time mothers, that whenever their baby cries, they assume them to be hungry. Well, in reality, actually, they are not always crying out of hunger. They can be in discomfort, want someone’s attention or just spending their energy so they can have a good sleep later on 🙂

This act of your cutie-pies might confuse you especially the innocent new mothers. Breastfeed is essential for both the mother and the baby; however, it’s not easy for everyone. Breastfeed provides your baby with all the nutrition he or she needs and this is best supply of milk for the growing baby. The more you breastfeed, the more healthy your baby would become. This is not only healthy for the baby, but it can be healthy for the mother too as it’s a natural source of milk. It can also help women to put off their extra fats. Most of the women gain extra weight while they are pregnant, breastfeeding helps mothers lose baby fat.                                                                     

However,breastfeeding the baby for too long or too less can undermine the growth of your baby. Your newborn; that is 0 months baby, should be nursing 8 to 12 times every day for about the first month. The timings really depend on your baby, it can vary. For instance, some babies demand milk after every 1 to 2 hours, some demand after 3 hours, so it is not fixed that when does your baby demand milk. Feeding frequently will help stimulate your milk production and it would be easy for you to feed your baby.

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So, dear new mommies, now no need to be bewildered or getting puzzled by the cute naughty acts of your bubby-doo, oh! I mean your babies! Because we are gonna tell you how to tackle these cute movements.

Now, there are few signs which will help you in realizing that when does your baby require nursing.  These signs include:

Moving their heads from side to side, opening their mouths, sticking out their tongues, moving their hands towards the mouth and etc. And when they turning away from the breast, it means they do not wish to feed at that moment. These are some of the signs when mothers find it easy to take notice what their baby wants.

Some people do not notice the way their child feeds, which is very wrong. So, it’s really very important to take care of how your baby sucks. It is essential that the baby is latched on appropriately since the beginning, to make sure that he feeds in the most productive manner. Another vital thing is that your baby should nurse with his mouth wide opened and sucks in most of your areola and not just the nipple. You should also consult your doctor if you are worried about your baby’s feeding time. You must concern a doctor if your baby feed for too long or very short.

Some women feed their child with just one breast more frequently. However, this act is wrong as it can let pain engorgement in the other breast. This is because they just feed with one, and the baby too can become habitual of nursing from the same breast. Babies should be made habitual of feeding from both the breasts.

It is very important to alternate the breasts and try to give one the same amount of nursing time throughout the whole day. Again, that time can vary for every baby and even every woman. Some babies may feel satisfied and their little tummies are full after five minutes of each breast, while others may need ten to fifteen minutes on each breast. So, there’s no fixed time or fixed limit of how much the baby will be having milk and for how long.

Therefore, it is very integral to nurse the baby from both the sides as it will also prevent pain engorgement. Well, this is totally up to you. But whichever way you choose, it should be comfortable for you and your baby.

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