Top 10 Benefits of Pregnancy That You Did Not Know

To stay healthy most of the women don’t prefer to go through pregnancy.

Yes! They avoid becoming moms. They are afraid of wear and tear on the bodies and assume they may lack time for fitness and health after kids.

But, I on the other side completely disagree, and to me, it’s just a small price to pay for the real joy of watching your kids grow.

pregnant women taking belly picture

Let’s forget that emotional part and how about I prove that having a baby or being pregnant have positive effects on woman’s health? Yes! Not only physically but one can experience psychological benefits too.

Sounds interesting right? These pregnancy benefits will surely be nothing less than a cherry on the top, wouldn’t it be?

Well, we started to gather facts and guess what? It turned out positive; motherhood can make you healthier.

Pregnancy is not only about stretch marks, fatigue, morning sickness, cramps, and heartburn. Trust me, breastfeeding and childbirth offer some health benefits too.

Becoming a parent and holding the baby in your arms is not only the best part of pregnancy phase. During pregnancy, the role of those extra hormones is not merely limited to fetal development, but they also play a positive role in your well-being. These hormones improve your health during and after pregnancy phase.

Here we are going enlist some interesting health benefits of pregnancy:


During pregnancy, body experience increased blood flow to the pelvic area which makes you more sensitive while having sex. Some woman experiences stronger emotional bond and heightened feelings towards their partner that results in intense sex episode.Though experience for every woman varies. Some get uncomfortable due to weight gain also get worried about the fetus being harmed. Relax! As long as your pregnancy is going normal and free from complications, it’s completely safe to indulge. For your satisfaction, you may consult with your physician.


The greatest benefit of having a baby has reduced the risk of cancer.  One of the best ways a woman can protect oneself is by giving birth in early years of life. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer, and annual count of a woman who falls prey to this deadly disease is unfortunately increasing.

Let’s understand the logic as for how giving birth reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Experts believe, there are multiple factors involved in the process. Firstly, breast cells experience certain changes during pregnancy, these changes lead to full maturity and lesser down the influence of cancer-causing agents. An earlier pregnancy means a smaller window of time in which your breast cells are vulnerable and immature.

pregnancy reduces risk of breast cancer

Second health benefit of pregnancy is that it leads to massive hormonal changes. These changes play a major role in preventing breast cancer. As measured by home pregnancy tests, estrogen levels in woman drops and the hormone HCG circulate through her body during pregnancy. Several experiments were carried out by Russo and other researchers considering this particular hormone as an anti-cancer agent.


Pregnancy also reduces chances of Ovarian Cancer.  The logic is very similar, fewer the periods; lessen the chances of getting ovarian cancer. Ovaries go through the process of cell division every time you menstruate, during this process, they get susceptible to cancer. So while it may feel like your reproductive system is working harder than ever before, the fact that you aren’t menstruating means your ovaries are getting a little holiday.


Your menstrual cycle will resume and be back on track after few months of delivery. But this time there will be no cramps. Although the reason is not researched enough, yes woman who used to experience heavy and painful periods suffered some relief.



During pregnancy, the growth phase of hairs is prolonged reason being high levels of estrogens hormones. So love the benefit of having a baby and enjoy having stronger and shinier hairs.


Those hormones that saturate dry skin and give you that remarkable pregnancy shine, at the same time plays a part to mitigate psoriasis. Don’t forget the water you consume to keep yourself hydrated is also the reason behind this healthy glowing skin.

skin glow


After giving birth, many women experienced some decrease in severity of polycystic ovaries syndrome. Ladies who were having a hard time in conceiving for the first child will conceive more easily for the second time. What else could you wish for?


An interesting study by Australian researchers revealed that giving birth reduces the risk of Multiple sclerosis by 50 percent in women. And yes they also suggested that each subsequent pregnancy works to further lower the risks of Multiple sclerosis.


When a woman is about to become a mother, she adopts everything good and gives up all bad for the sake of her baby. And this gradually becomes her habit even after pregnancy. Like giving up alcohol, cigarettes and other unhealthy stuff is nothing less than going through free rehab. This practice of few months slowly becomes your usual lifestyle – a healthier and better one.


Believe it or not!Your perception of taste gets a boost during and after pregnancy. Yes, the nose that made morning sickness worse in the first trimester can make food taste especially delicious later on. Thanks to estrogen for this superpower of ‘radar nose.’

The idea which supported this development is that it may help you to narrow down your choices and naturally to eliminate dangerous substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and secondhand smoke.                       I believe most of the benefits discussed above, were astounding to many.

Childbirth is a beautiful experience, and there is no alternative to it. Different studies conducted by researchers support childbirth positively for women, yes! It gives them strength and makes them stronger. One cannot decide without knowing the positive aspects; it’s better to see the big picture of this very important aspect of life.

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