Best gifts for soon to be grandparents or new grandparents

Becoming a parent is associated with sheer happiness. However, the happiness increases by manifold when one is going to be a grandparent. The grandparents are going to be the favorite company of your children. Believe it; the grandparents were waiting for you to get pregnant just from the moment you got married. You should reveal this good news with some gifts for soon to be grandparents. It will make them a lot more excited.

Gift Ideas for soon to be grandparents

1. The pregnancy report

You can simply put your pregnancy report or ultrasound report in an envelope and place it on their side table or you can put it on a tray at teatime. Believe it or not, this sudden surprise is likely to drive the grandparent completely insane. This unexpected announcement may bring tears to their eyes out of utter happiness. Give it a try.

The pregnancy report

2. The picture mug

One of the best gifts for soon to be grandparents is a picture mug. You can simply get a  print of any cute baby’s picture on it with a text such as: ‘you are the world’s best parents and now going to be the best grandparents as well’ or ‘ having you two as parents is best to experience, now seeing you two as grandparents will be more than best’. Such little endeavors are likely to make grandparents’ fell grand.

The picture mug

3. The photo album

Simply make a photo album. Paste your childhood pictures with your parents and leave a good space for the pictures of them with your children. Grandparents seem to be most interested in taking the grandchildren’s pictures and saving them. They are going to be the best photographer for your child.

The photo album

4. The digital camera

You can give an easy to use, digital camera as a gift for soon to be grandparents. Trust me, they are going to love this present and make the most out of it. They will eagerly await your baby’s arrival so they can make the most cherishable memories with him by taking his pictures almost every minute.

the digital camera

Gifts for new grandparents

The new grandparents have already presented the best gift in the form of this beautiful, new relationship. However, if you really want to do something special for them to make their joy double then follow our suggestions below:

1. The photo cushion

Get a picture of your newborn printed on a cushion and present it to the new grandparents. It is one of the best gifts for new grandparents. Better, if the picture has all three generations in it; the grandparents, you, and then your newborn.

The photo cushion

2. The double-opening photo frame

You can gift them a double-opening photo frame. One picture can be yours with your parents (your baby’s grandparents) and the other can be yours with your child. It will be really comforting for them to see their whole family together in a single frame.

The double-opening photo frame

3. The family tree photo frame

One of the best presents for new grandparents is the ‘jewelled family tree photo frame’. This beautiful and stunning frame is available in the market and you can also purchase it online. It has everyone’s individual picture of your family. In addition, you can also engrave a personal message, a special date, or your family’s name on the front.

The family tree photo frame

4. The photo tray

This ornamental picture tray is a great present as it blends the style with sentiments. Just stick the picture of their newborn grandkid on the magnetized bottom of the tray and let grandparents place this wonderful gift on their coffee table.

The photo tray

5. The letter book set

The letter book set is one different and the wonderful present for the new grandparents. The grandparents can write their time-tested experiences, lessons, and letters to their grandchild, so he will have their memories and wisdom for the years to come, even when the grandparents will be no more.

The letter book set

6. The T-shirt

You can gift grandparents the t-shirts with a text on it, for instance, ‘world’s best grandparents’. This will make them feel beyond bliss and glee. You can get such shirts in the market easily or you can purchase them online too.

The T-shirt

7. The handmade card

Simply make a handmade card. You can decorate it by the foot-prints of your newborn. You can use watercolors, food colors, or any other skin-safe colors for it. This cutest thing is definitely going to be the grandparents’ most favorite asset.

The handmade card

8. The customized key chains

You can order customized key chains for gifting grandparents. The text may include; ‘grandma’s kitchen’, ‘grandpa’s car’, ‘granny’s house’, etc. This is a unique gift for new grandparents. It will always remind them of their ‘grand’ position in the family.

The customized key chains

9. The necklace or the watch

You can gift a gold or silver (whichever is affordable for you) necklace to the grandmother or the watch to the grandfather. The necklace and the watch-dial may have the picture of your newborn in it. Trust me, your small efforts to make your parents smile can get you the same by your own children in the times to come. They are likely to do the same things for you as they have seen you doing them for their grandparents in their childhood.

The necklace or the watch

Usually, the grandparents are always supposed to give. They are the best givers of love, affection, attention, care, and time to their grandchildren. However, if parents want to make their own parents feel special and loved at the arrival of their newborn, then there are a lot of options to choose from. We have shared with you some of the most unique and wonderful gift ideas for new grandparents. Just give any of them a try and enjoy the grandparents’ reaction to it.  Do not forget making a videotape of those precious moments when they will unwrap their gifts. It will all worth it. Show such clips to your children when they will grow up as to make them realize their own worth.

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