How to prepare for labor and delivery tips and guide

Life seems to be moving faster than ever. However, things are slowing down in the labor room. A study by National Institutes of Health says that now it takes approximately 2.5 hours more for the first time mums in the labor room than it did take 50 years back. Are you getting ready for labor and delivery, wanting to know how to prepare your body for labor, and preparing for labor checklist? We have come across with some of the paramount tips in getting ready for labor and delivery and making this excruciating longer period less painful and even joyful.

Join the childbirth course

Get enrolled in a childbirth course as soon as you have conceived a baby. The classes of such courses stock up just so fast, so hurry up! The better ready you are, the more picks you will have throughout your labor. Keep in mind; no surprises are good surprises once the labor has started so get your body prepared for labor beforehand.

Join the childbirth course

Hunt for better focus and strength

‘Yoga’ is one of the top-notch ways to seek out strength and better focus. Yoga helps in strengthening your body, increases stamina and flexibility. In addition to that, Yoga helps in relaxing your mind, which, in turn, makes your body prepared for labor and delivery.

Nix negativity

Many childbirth educators have faith in catastrophic tales, words of dissuasion, and scary graphic images, with the intention to make you prepared for a horrific C-section. At best, such negativity makes labor successful, and at worst, they can step up pain by blocking your mind during labor.
Tune out when the subject matter leaves you uncomfortable, switch on to your favorite channel on television, protect yourself from scary labor threads on social media platforms by simply logging off.

Study up

It is too late to open up your self-hypnosis book when you are in labor. Here, your preparation comes to play its role. Squatting helps in increasing the size of pelvic opening as much as 2 cm. Do not wait until the time of labor to try out squatting for the first time as you will have no stamina for it. Do it throughout your pregnancy period as it also helps your child rotate and improves its blood circulation.

study up for labor

Get on up

Getting ready for labor and delivery? Learn several upright positions, like walking, standing, kneeling, sitting, squatting, and slow dancing. These positions and movements help in moving down and coming out your baby easily. Moving back and forth on your knees and hands might help in getting your baby in the right position. Such stuff assists your body in preparing for labor.

Learn some techniques

For how to prepare your body for labor and childbirth, there are many a technique that can be used to reduce pain. For instance, heat pack application, self-hypnosis, various breathing methods, and position changes. Take a unifying breath; slowly inhale via the nose and exhale via mouth with a sigh.
The labors are easy and short when the baby’s position is anterior and become difficult and long when the position is posterior. By anterior, we mean, that the baby’s head is down and the back of its head is facing your tummy, while in the posterior position, the head is down, however, the back is touching your spine. You can try to set your baby in an anterior position by simply applying the following techniques:
In late pregnancy, don’t lie on your back, rather lie on your side while sleeping
On the onset of labor, try to move your pelvis frontward, rather than backward while sitting. Make sure that your hips are higher than your knees. This technique is known as OFP i.e., Optimal Fetal Positioning. This method will encourage your baby to get into anterior position

Set the ambiance

For many women, a quiet and dim atmosphere is idyllic in the course of labor, so request your partner or nurse for minimizing the noise and dimming the lights. Aromatherapy has found to be really effective during labor. The soothing fragrance of lavender oil can help in lowering the pain.

Get a warm bath

The weightlessness and warmth of a bath can be comforting all through your labor. If the warm tub is accessible, take the dive. However, get your midwife’s or doctor’s consent for doing so as an infection is likely to cause if you get your water broken in the process.

Get a warm bath for labor prepare

Seek the support of your partner

Truth be told, the support of your partner cannot make your labor painless, however, it can make it shorter, safer, and easier. You are likely to feel much calmer if your partner is with you. In addition, try to keep unkind and rude people away from you.

Do not go for unnecessary procedures or drugs

Never take any drugs with the intention to hurry your labor. Some doctors and midwives believe that more tools and drugs are likely to make the birth faster and safer. However, this is usually untrue. They can cause problems and even make the labor harder.

Avoid dehydration

Your body uses water rapidly when you are getting ready for labor and delivery. Hence, rehydrate it by drinking a cup of water or juice every hour. Most women avoid drinking water during labor as they feel like vomiting or urinating. In this case, at least take a sip of water after each contraction. You should be urinating every two hours during labor.

Avoid dehydration during labor

Go to a medical center

Many women like to give birth at their homes under the supervision of midwives. It is not unusual. However, if you are going to be a first-time mum, then NEVER go for this option. In this way, you are not only jeopardizing your own life but the life of your child as well. As soon as the labor starts, rush to the medical center or hospital. They are far more and better equipped to deal with any emergencies than midwives.
You need not worry about anything if you have already prepared for labor checklist. Follow our above recommendations and tips, and you are all set to go in your labor business. We wish you all the very best with every moment of this strong period. The world is going to thank you for gifting it another beautiful human being.

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