Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy for good health

Healthy food is inevitable for a healthy body, and when you are pregnant, it is not only your health that matters, it is also the health of your baby seeking nourishment from you in your womb. Thus, no matter what you do or what you eat, it will eventually have an impact on the health of your baby. So it is important for you to know what you should eat during pregnancy and what can you not eat when pregnant. You will find diversified information available regarding what you should eat during this time, and you can enjoy a whole range of healthy foods as per your need and cravings. However, there are few foods that should be abstained from during pregnancy as these foods can impart harmful influence on the body of mother and baby both.  

Thus, knowing what can be harmful to you during pregnancy can help you save yourself from various complications, and you can enjoy a healthy pregnancy and ensure good health for your baby. Following are some food items that should be avoided by women during their pregnancy:

Uncooked and Deli Meat

The raw form of meat or meat that is not cooked properly should be avoided during this time. It is because food items that are not cooked properly like beef can be contaminated with bacteria like toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and coliform which can be damaging to pregnant mothers. Similarly, deli meat items are also adulterated with listeria. Listeria is known for causing miscarriages as it is capable of being absorbed in the placenta that can harm baby directly in the womb. Listeria even can result in poisoning blood baby. Therefore, if you are intended to use meat during your pregnancy and especially if it is deli food items, then it is highly recommended to cook and reheat meat thoroughly so that bacteria can be eliminated from it.

Uncooked and Deli Meat

Fish and other seafood

When it comes to what can’t pregnant women eat to avoid hitches in pregnancy you will hear one important thing being mentioned by doctors and that is fish and seafood. Fish is known to contain a high amount of mercury which can result in brain damage of baby and delay in development of the baby. Fish like swordfish, tilefish, shark and king mackerel contain a high level of mercury. However, if you can find canned tuna fish available in the market, you can consume it in moderate amount as it contains a lower level of mercury concerning living tuna fish.

Likewise, food that is made of uncooked fish like sushi should also be refrained as it is also high in mercury level. Although you can find other seafood that can be consumed during this time, however, people prefer to use seafood undercooked that is not at all recommended for mother and baby. People use a wide range of shellfish in food which is not cooked thoroughly like mussels, oysters, and clams. These foods when cooked thoroughly can help to avoid different infections, but infection related to algae cannot be avoided while using these foods no matter how good the seafood is cooked. Thus, it is better to avoid using these foods when you have a baby in your womb.

Fish and other seafood

As far as smoked seafood is concerned, then you can find frozen smoked seafood in the market which can be used if cooked in meal similar to a casserole. However, if the label of these foods include nova style, jerky, lox or kippered then these foods should not be bought as these foods can include listeria that can prove to be harmful during this time.

Can pregnant women eat ham?

As far as ham is concerned, then women should only check if ham is thoroughly cooked. However, cold cured meat such as Parma Ham when consumed undercooked can result in food poisoning. So, it is better to use cold cured meat and ham when cooked properly and can be added to meals like pizza and pasta.


Eggs used without cooking

Using uncooked eggs as food or part of the food can increase the chances of getting exposed to bacteria like salmonella. People sometimes use raw eggs for making different food items like mayonnaise, salad dressing or custards. Although these items can be used occasionally, however, it is recommended to avoid such food items on a regular basis. On the other hand, if the recipe includes exposure to heat at some point then it can be used by pregnant moms safely. Also, if you can find commercial food items that include raw eggs can be used as these food items are integrated with pasteurized eggs.  

Eggs used without cooking

Which cheese to avoid during pregnancy?

You must have heard people saying avoid cheese during pregnancy. However, you do not need to go too hard on yourself as it is the soft cheese that should be avoided during pregnancy. Soft cheese like Feta, Brie, Camembert and Mexican cheese can include listeria which is a very harmful agent for the health of mother and baby both. You can use cheese made of pasteurized milk without any hesitation as it is safer and healthier.

cheese during pregnancy

Similarly, you should also refrain from milk products or milk that is unpasteurized as it can contain listeria.

Coffee and other forms of caffeine

Most of the ladies cannot imagine starting their day without tea or coffee. For such ladies, it is good news that according to research the moderate amount of caffeine is good for the heart and overall health. Even if you are pregnant, you can take a nominal amount of caffeine on a regular basis. However, taking caffeine in excessive amount can lead to problems like miscarriages especially in the first trimester of the pregnancy. Doctors usually recommend limited amount of caffeine that is less than 200 mg for everyday intake.

Along with these foods, it is also recommended that pregnant women should avoid any unhealthy food items like fizzy drinks, alcohol and fast food. Eliminating such food from your diet and adopting healthy eating habits can help mothers to relish a healthy pregnancy and healthy motherhood along with the good health of their babies. So eat well and live well.

coffee and beans

If your mother and grandmothers have told you something special about unhealthy food items during your pregnancy then do not forget to share in comments.

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