6 Common Breastfeeding Myths and Facts with Truth

Even though breastfeeding is natural, there are a lot of misconceptions, otherwise labeled as Myths.

In this article I am going to go over common myths that you might have heard about breastfeeding and the truth behind them with facts. Breastfeeding your baby is the best way to show mothers love and also bond with your baby. That’s why I suggest that you should always breastfeed your babies.

Myth # 1: You Can’t BreastFeed with Flat Nipples or Small Breast

The Truth:

Even if you have small flat breast with tiny nipples, you can breastfeed your baby like a normal mother would. Smaller breasts also produce similar amount of milk for the baby and you won’t have any trouble feeding your baby.

Myth # 2: Breastfeeding Will Damage Your Breasts

The Truth:

This is one of the most common myths about breastfeeding. But in reality there is no truth to it. Research actually says that feeding a baby with breastmilk is better for both the mother and the child. Feeding doesn’t cause any damage or cause breasts to lose shape. Pregnancy, aging, or going braless is actually the cause of lesser firm breasts.

Myth # 3: Breastfeeding is Troubling and Lot Of Work

The Truth:

For a newly expecting mother, this breastfeeding myth might come in mind every now and then, but in reality it is absolutely not true. Breastfeeding actually means that you always have the baby’s favorite food right there and always available when baby needs it. You do not have to pack a bag with bottles prepared and can travel freely with your child and feed him when he is ready.

Myth # 4: Breastfeeding Didn’t Work On First Baby, That’s Why it Won’t Work Again

The Truth:

Some mothers might run into problems while feeding their first baby, they might think that with their second baby breastfeeding won’t work again. The truth is that science says that a mother’s body will actually produce more milk with their second child.

Myth # 5: Breastfeeding Tires You and You Can’t do Much

The Truth:

This is not true, feeding your baby via breasts is a good experience and your baby will feel more fulfilment after his meal time is finished. A breastfeeding mother will feel tired and have better sleep. After her rest is finished she will feel much more energetic and will actually do more work than usual.

Myth # 6: Father of the Baby Feels Left Out While Mother is Breastfeeding

The Truth:

Fathers should not worry about their wife being busy while breastfeeding. Father of the baby can participate in taking care of the baby and his mother by holding and comforting them. It is a good time for the three to bond together and spend some valuable time while discussing things.

I hope this post of mine clears some of the concerns and myths about breastfeeding. I have always loved and liked breastfeeding, and I think one should never lose the opportunity to feed their babies with the natural milk. It is a great way to bond with your baby and is best for both mother’s and baby’s health.

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