Top Common Parental Concerns For New-parents

Remember when you were a little kid and used to lean down from the balcony just to see your mother’s reaction? Ever wondered what she felt like and how protective she was of you?

Now today is your first official day of being a mother, even though you think you are fully prepared because you read several parenting books but deep down inside you’re still nervous and wondering if you’d do just like you planned. You might think we are lying just to make you feel better, but you are not alone.

8 out of 10 moms feel anxious entering motherhood. Whereas, every mother at some point wished their tiny human could come with instructions manual, discovering the beauty of parenthood on your own is a journey one could never regret. Whether you live alone with your husband or your in-laws you might feel like your child is never safe enough, until and unless you are there to keep an eye on him 24/7. What if he chokes on his pacifier? Cries all night? Falls off your bed?. You see I just read your mind. Didn’t I? That’s because I’ve been there not just me, but many other women have feared the same. Spending the perfect day with your baby and all of the sudden your mind diverts to all the possible horrible things that can happen to your baby makes you want to transform into Pauline Whittier (a mother from a novel who protects her daughter from going out and interacting with anything that might harm her), knowing you can’t do that. We want you to overcome your feels and never feel like a bad mom. Know that you can protect your child but some before doing that you need to take a look at what scares you the most and if that might happen or you’re just nervous for no reason because that might not happen at all whether you monitor your child all day.

Getting nervous is somewhat okay but depriving your child of all the fun and learning is not okay whether you like it or not. That is the reason why I’ve gathered some of the most common fears young mom from all over the world experience during this journey.

Frantic With Fear #1:

“What if my baby is born too weak? What if something might be wrong with him.”

Quick Fix:

Doctors don’t let go of unhealthy born children. If something is wrong with your child, you’ll know at the time he is born. A child weak at birth shouldn’t worry you rather it should motivate you to provide nutrients to his body that might make him healthier. Nursing a child will be enough to make him healthy and soon enough gain weight.

Frantic With Fear #2:

“What if my baby sleeps a lot? Is it okay for a baby to sleep that much?”

Quick Fix:

Experts say that infants and toddlers sleep as much as they breathe, meaning that it should be a mother’s top priority to provide the baby rest as much as they can. It is said that a baby below six months sleeps at least 15-17 hours a day. The more your baby rests, the more he wakes up happy.

Schedule your child’s sleep routine along with his meal times so that he gets enough time to play and bond with you as well.

cute baby sleeping with father

Frantic With Fear #3:

“What if my baby changes position while sleeping? I’m afraid she might fall off the bed.”

Quick Fix:

A lot of babies tend to do that. My neighbor’s baby used to do that a lot when I asked for a solution; the mother showed me few soft pillows that were placed to mark a small place where the baby could move without falling off the bed. If your baby sleeps in her crib, then she would never be able to escape it. If your baby likes to sleep on the bed beside you, then you might want to look for baby sleep positioners to keep your baby safe and secure.

Frantic With Fear #4:

“I’m not sure how to carry my baby. I fear I might drop him.”

Quick Fix:

Try not to panic while carrying your baby. Experts say that the best way to carry a baby is to place your hand to support her head while placing your other hand on her bottom to secure pick her up. Let the baby rest her head on your chest and enjoy the moment with her.

If you’re afraid to walk down the stairs with your baby, then try to carry her in her carry cot or try baby carry bag while traveling.

Frantic With Fear #5:

“I fear people are going to make my baby sick by touching him.”

Quick Fix:

It’s perfectly fine to feel this way. Politely ask others to wash their hands before touching your baby, making them understand how sensitive a baby’s skin is. If it still makes you uncomfortable, politely ask others to not show their love physically rather verbally to your baby.

Frantic With Fear #6:

“What if my baby does not nurse?”

Quick Fix:

Try to teach your baby how to feed by opening and to close her mouth. Different feeding positions sometimes work too. If your baby still refuses to nurse, then you might want to get doctor’s appointment to see if it is something serious. If your baby is perfectly fine but won’t breastfeed, then you might want to go for infant formula to provide your baby with nutrients and to keep him hydrated.

Frantic With Fear #7:

“Is my child going to make everything hard for me? Will I be able to give enough time to my career as well as my child?”

Quick Fix:

You might think things are getting hard for you, but they are not. Things are getting easier and beautiful for you because you just got a ticket to heaven. You just need time to figure out how to manage things. You will be able to give enough time to your career and your baby as well. Make sure to bond with your child whenever you come back to your home and if you feel like quitting your job for some time but doesn’t enjoy staying at home then try to find some work which you’ll be able to do from your home, a home-based job.

Frantic With Fear #8:

“Will I get time to spend with my husband?”

Quick Fix:

A lot of women complain that they do not get time for themselves or their husbands alone. This happens because we do not think things before-hand. Try to talk to your husband and make time for him. Try to plan date nights with your husband and hire a safe and reputable babysitter to look after your child, or if you have somebody you can trust, ask them to take care of your child while you and your husband spend some time together.

Do not for once think you’re a terrible mother to feel this way. We’ve shown you some perfect examples of why you’re not alone. All of us at some stage might have crossed the thought of not handling things well because we’re not used to it. As it is said ‘things take time’ being a mother is something we cannot snap our fingers and be, but it is something that requires an equal amount of time and love for your little one to understand them and to make them understand you as well. It is okay if you’re not perfect at this, but soon enough you will be. Relax and sway your fears away because you’re not afraid anymore, you’re a mother and mothers make impossible things possible.

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