Christmas Gifts Ideas for Babies

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingles all the way…”

The time of the year has come for falling snowflakes covering the earth in a silver blanket of stars, barren tree branches laden with their powdery burden, warm sweaters, long coats and heavy boots, steaming coffee and hot chocolate, jingling Christmas bells, Christmas carols, and not to forget, our very own beardy Santa! Yes, Christmas is in the air and so is Christmas shopping.

You are—or are going to be—done with your Christmas shopping and are quite happy. But wait! Where are your baby’s Christmas gifts? Forgotten?! How awful! No matter what you miss, just don’t forget your little bundle of joy….that teeny weeny teddy bear of yours! S/he also has a wee heart full of emotions which yearns for Christmas gifts. Don’t break that sensitive heart and bring tears to those starry eyes! (I’m trying to emotionally blackmail you here. I hope you haven’t caught me!) 😉

It may or may not be your baby’s first Christmas, but buying gifts for him/her is a must. No compromises whatsoever! Christmas is a time of joy and fun, and there’s no way your baby should miss it. In a bind about what to buy for the little pumpkin this Christmas? Worry not; we’ve got you covered! Discussed below are some amazing ideas for Christmas baby gifts you may find intriguing. Be your child’s favorite Santa this Christmas!

Baby Christmas Outfits

Your infant or toddler needs to look like s/he is celebrating the Christmas season in full swing, right? Baby Christmas outfits can be a wonderful gift for that starry-eyed bear. Turn him/her into a fluffy snowman, a naughty elf, a delicious and cute Christmas pudding, a feathery reindeer, a little Santa or any other dress up of your choice with Christmas outfits at Mothercare. These costumes are stylish, cute and quite affordable. Toddlers Christmas pajamas are also available in a wide range of colors and designs. What’s more, these dresses can be accentuated with matching accessories like headbands, bow ties, hats, and shoes. What are you waiting for? Go grab them before it’s too late!


Wood and Silicone Baby Chew Toys

Your baby is having or is going to have, a hard time when s/he reaches the teething period. These trendy wood and silicone baby chew toys are a great help for frustrated mothers. They are handmade items prepared with beech wood and food grade silicone which is a blessing for sore gums of the baby. They are made with organic products and are completely safe for the baby to put in his/her mouth. They act as double agents as they are also great toys for the baby due to their bright colors and cute shapes. The babies chew on them while playing and save you the hassle of looking for that misplaced pacifier (in case your baby uses pacifiers). Buy these trendy items this Christmas, and you’ll thank yourself—your baby will thank you, too, some day.


Custom Baby Name Bracelets

The adorable baby bracelets with customized names are wonderful Christmas gifts for your toddlers. These are handmade items which are adjustable to longer lengths making them ideal for your growing baby. They are made of gold, rose gold and silver and come with a chain attached to a plate thus looking stylish and chic. The baby’s name is written on the front side of the plate while the back side may be carved with his/her date of birth. Trendy, right?

baby name bracelet

Plush Toys

Christmas for babies is incomplete without plush toys which are available in different shapes and a baffling assortment of colors. Whether it’s a pink piggy or a rosy teddy bear, an innocent lamb or a brazen tiger, plush toys come in many forms—animals, cartoon characters, inanimate objects—and never go out of fashion. This Christmas, buy your child a cute reindeer, a downy snowman, colourful group of long-armed elves, chubby Santa, doggies, penguins, polar bears, bunnies, elephants, Pokémon Pikachu (if you’re an anime type), Christmas owls, LED glow plush toys…..ok, I’m breathless now; there’s so much to choose from!

babies with plush toys

Baby Rattles

Babies love noise (that’s why they love crying!) and are easily pacified when there’s some noise around. This Christmas, baby rattles are your go-to gifts for your infants or toddlers. Just like all baby toys, they come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Few baby rattles have also been updated to enhance learning during the initial years like this Rattles Bells Kids Early Learning Drum which improves the kids’ musical talents while giving them a time of their lives in fun. Impressive, don’t you think?

Baby playing with Rattles

Baby Bath Toys

Make the mundane task of giving your baby a bath fun and exciting with trendy bath toys, a perfect Christmas gift for your baby. There is a wide range to choose from: colorful balls, multi-colored hoops, Oballs, spinning and spraying sea creatures (I promise they are not alive), light-producing bath boats, bath ducks and whales, water slides and much more. These baby bath toys are available at reasonable prices and are convenient to handle and store. Oh, and just to let you know, these baby toys are splashing baby tubs all over the world! The choice is yours.

Baby enjoying bath with Bath Toys

Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome

Ok. I must admit. This one really attracted me. No kidding! It features a comfortable pad on which your baby can play or sleep when s/he feels tired. What is more, the whole set up is protected by a canopy which keeps sunlight and bugs away. Two removable toys are also there, hanging just within reach of your baby to play with. However, what impressed me is its portability. It is foldable, and if you feel like going to the beach or a park or want to visit grandma, you can carry it with you. Convenient and safe! A perfect Christmas gift for you and your baby!

Baby Dome

With all that said, the Christmas gifts ideas for babies mentioned above are, by no means, the only options you have. The world out there is filled with innumerable things you can choose for your baby. You just have to sort out and decide what suits your baby and what makes him/her happy. In any case, don’t spend too much time in stressing out over what to buy; spend all your time in having fun and enjoy Christmas festivities to the fullest.

A merry Christmas to you from our side!

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