Best toys for 1 year old babies

It may be hard to believe that your baby after hitting his first birthday, is not a baby anymore. The 1-year-old child gets in the toddlerhood and usually starts moving around and uttering little words. Gone are the days when your child had to agree with the simple newborn toys. Now he is at the age where he needs to improve his gross motor skills which further enhances speech and learning skills. That is why he or she should have the toys which cater to their age requirements.

If you are looking for what to get a 1-year-old then here we are coming up with some best toys for the 1-year-old baby which are sure to provide best of results with their healthy, smart, and safe upbringing.

  1. Shape Sorter

The shape sorting toys seems to be one of the simplest toys which a year-old baby can have. However, do not take the shape sorting activity for granted. According to psychologists, the shape sorting is the most basic activity for kids which involves trial and error and helps children understand that objects and things with similar characteristics and features get fit together. Hence, shape sorting toys can be the best toys for both little boys and girls.

Shape Sorter

  1. Musical Instruments

Accept the fact that making noise and clamor tops the to-do list of one-year-old kid. In the light of this fact, all the parents are advised not to bother with this natural inclination of your child. The miniature musical instruments will be best for them. If you want to keep your budget safe, then you may use useless plastic bottles or any other pots and kitchen utensils. Parents can even enjoy themselves alongside their child in the musical play. Let them bang, shake, and bash these musical instruments and help them make the wonderful childhood memories.

Musical Instruments

  1. Bath Toys

Being a parent, you must have known that how difficult the bath time of your baby can become. Almost every next child hates to get in the shower. Although, they might seem to enjoy themselves when you play the water activities with them. However, taking a bath does not seem to lie in their good books.

Nothing can help you more than converting their bathtime into a playtime. Buy them latest bath toys as kids have got bored of that conventional rubber ducky. For your convenience, pick up the toys which are waterproof so there will be no mess around.

Bath Toys

  1. Toy Phone

The toy phone is perhaps going to be the most favorite toy of your little one. As he or she must be already imitating you calling on the phone by picking the TV remote or anything else. So why not get them their own dummy phone so they will not ask for your personal cell phone which is likely to harm them.

The modern toy phones are also having the ‘recording’ feature in it. So, you can tape record your voice in it. Hence, your little one can make a call to her mother whenever he or she feels like.

Toy Phone

  1. Numbers and alphabets stacking blocks

Let us reassure you, that in today’s world of advanced hi-tech gadgetry; the little ones still enjoy making and smashing the lofty towers. Go for the cardboard’s numbers and alphabets stacking blocks as they will cause no harm to anyone or anything when your one-year-old will fly them up in the air.

These letters and numbers blocks can be later used in spelling and counting learning games.

Numbers and alphabets stacking blocks

  1. Wooden Kitchen Walker

The wooden kitchen walker is going to be your first choice if you are looking for the toys for the one-year-old girl. We are safe in saying that this amazing toy is capable of killing several birds with a single stone. It has the push-along wheels to help your little girl taking her first steps. In addition to that, it has the activity cube with cogs and shape-sorters for enhancing dexterity and a fully-embellished kitchen having pans, pots, and utensils for the imaginative playing.

kitchen walker

  1. Tricycle

The tricycle is one of the best toys for the one-year-old boy. The boys have an inclination for motor-riding since they saw the world. Hence, the tricycle will be the most suitable gift for the one-year-old boy. Let him ride his vehicle freely inside the house.

Tricycle for 1 year old

  1. Stuffed Baby Doll

Let me take you back to your childhood when you used to play with the hand-made stuffed dolls made by your lovely granny. Buy your little girl a beautiful doll if you are unable to prepare one for her. This is going to be the best toy for the one-year-old girl. Such toys help children in social communication as well.

Stuffed Baby Doll

  1. Children’s Circus Tent

The small circus tent can be used as a small playhouse. In addition to that, you can make it a peaceful storytelling place by putting some cushions and teddies in it. Your one-year-old little child will adore this extremely cozy place. You can also take this playhouse outside when the weather is fine.

tent for 1 year old

  1. A Picture Book

You can easily get a fine educational book for one-year-old in the bookstore. These picture books help your little one understand the vocabulary and also improve their recognition skills. Have some time to read them quality books. This will further strengthen your relationship with your child.

A Picture Book

Your one-year-old is too little to be playing with tablets and other electronic gadgets. These will likely to harm his eyesight. In addition, you can never restrict their browsing completely. So, keep them engage with traditional toys as much as possible. The toys which cannot only keep them busy but can help them understand vocabulary, develop their motor and communication skills, improve their speech and learning, and teach them good social behaviors. Let us know, what toy you are going to gift your child on his/her first birthday?

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