Best Organic Formula Food for Babies

Motherhood comes with innumerable challenges the biggest of which is maintaining the baby’s health. Whatever the baby is fed during the early years of his/her life plays a crucial role in determining how strong s/he is going to be in the later life. Almost everyone agrees with the fact that breast milk is the best food a baby can be given in the initial years of his/her life as it contains all the essential nutrients a baby needs to grow properly and develop appropriately.

Most of the time, new moms-to-be think breastfeeding the baby is going to be a piece of cake: they’ll latch on and it will all work out. Simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s not simple at all. In reality, babies take a lot of time latching on and, trust me, it can be a severely painful experience. Even after they succeed in latching, babies can take a ridiculous amount of time in learning how to suck and at times, mothers have to take the help of pumps to breastfeed the baby. Even then, there is no guarantee the baby will learn to suck the milk any time soon.

Organic Baby Formula

Another problem breastfeeding mothers often face is the slow suction on the part of babies who often take hours at a time to get fed properly. This leaves little time for mothers to rest or the milk supply to match the growing appetite of the babies. Nights get even worse when babies cry nonstop even after getting breastfed for hours just because they are getting starved. What to do in such situations?

First thing, do not think you are a bad mother! You are definitely not, and you are absolutely not alone in this. A lot of mothers face this problem. Secondly, do not hate or blame yourself. You are not your baby’s enemy and you are NOT doing it deliberately. The safest option in such scenario is formula food. But the question arises here: which formula food is the best and the safest option for your baby?

Why should You Avoid Conventional Baby Formula?

Ok, you have finally decided to give formula food a try, and you are out in the market but what? You can’t decide what to buy because the market is filled with products from famous brands you have often seen advertisements of. You get confused which one is the best because everyone declares itself the best. Obviously, no brand will call itself harmful or unwholesome. But you need to be wise: conventional baby formula is NOT a healthy option. Full stop. You need to search for an alternative. Why? Because baby formula contains

  • A high amount of corn and soy which may cause allergic reactions in your baby
  • Corn syrup which contains 50% sugar—causing heart diseases, obesity and diabetes
  • Harmful chemical Melamine which may sicken and even kill the baby
  • Neurotoxins
  • DHA and ARA—apparently “plant-based” fatty acids which cause unexpected deaths

Organic Baby Formula—A Safe Alternative

Organic baby formula is a safe alternative feeding option for your baby since it is made with ingredients derived from organic sources. However, before choosing any formula, remember to check the ingredients list. It has been reported that almost 60% women and 40% men do not check the ingredients before buying any product; this is really a dangerous situation. When you read the ingredients, look out for the following:

  • Processed Sugars

All the baby formula manufacturers try to mimic the taste of breast milk which contains a high amount of lactose (an essential carbohydrate). However, cow’s milk lacks this carbohydrate and to make up for this deficiency in taste and composition, artificial sweeteners are added in baby formula. This can lead to serious repercussions as prolonged exposures to processed refined sugars has been found to cause tooth decay, obesity and certain behavioral issues in children.

processed sugar

  • DHA and ARA

DHA and ARA are essential fatty acids found in breast milk and are crucial for the baby’s growth and development. However, the DHA and ARA found in baby formula are apparently plant-based ingredients derived from some specific algae and fungus with the help of a neurotoxic petroleum-based solvent. Something definitely not recommended for human diet! These ingredients result in diarrhea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal problems and may also lead to sudden and unexpected deaths.

dha and ara

  • Palm Oil

Breast milk has a specific composition of fatty acids and is rich in fats necessary to meet the demands of babies. To mimic this composition, certain oils including palm oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil are added in baby formula in various combinations. Palm oil, in particular, is added to make the baby formula just as creamy as the breast milk is, but it has its fair share of harmful effects on your baby’s health. For one thing, it does not get absorbed and forms “calcium soaps” in the baby’s intestine leading to lower bone mass and constipation.

palm oil

  • Synthetic Preservatives and Artificial Nutrients

Synthetic preservatives, palmitate and beta-carotene, are used in baby formula to prevent DHA and ARA oils from going rotten, but The NOSB has rejected both these ingredients deeming them potentially harmful for babies. Similarly, artificial nutrients including lycopene, lutein, nucleotides, taurine, l-carnitine and l-methionine have also been rejected by The NOSB. According to FDA, these nutrients are not at all required in baby formula, and European Union has also banned their usage in organic baby formulas.

synthetic and preservative

Healthy Organic Baby Formulas

Breast milk can never be substituted and so there is no perfect baby formula. However, there are still formulas that are healthy options considering they do not contain one or more harmful ingredients mentioned above.

Once again, none of these is perfect although they are better than others. It ultimately depends on your own choice what you think is safe and healthy for your baby.



Baby formulas are, by no means, substitutes for breast milk but if the need arises, make sure you go for a healthy pick. Also, stick to just one type of formula instead of switching from one to another. In any case, consulting the doctor before administering any formula to your baby is always a wise choice.

Have you used any of the formulas we have mentioned above? What was your experience? Share your story with us in the section below.

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