11 Benefits of Feeding a Baby via Formula

I have previously written about myths about breastfeeding to educate people about the common misconceptions that people have about breastfeeding.

I am personally in favor of breastfeeding, but sometimes the situation of the mother demands that she feeds her baby via the popular baby formula available on the market.

In this post I am going to highlight the benefits of feeding a baby through formula.

  • Longer gap between the feed times for the baby

Cow’s milk is much harder to digest as compared to the milk from mother’s breast. The formula milk stays in the baby’s belly for a longer period of time and the baby feels satisfied.

Your baby will be demanding lesser feeding time and as a mother you will have more free time to focus on other things.

  • Controlled intake

It becomes a guessing game for the breastfeeding mother about how much her baby has been fed. If a mother is feeding her baby via the bottle, then she can know exactly how much her baby has taken in.

In some cases breastfeeding mother may feel worried that her baby hasn’t had a fulfilling meal. That will not be the case for the bottle feeding baby.

Just be careful to not give more bottle / formula feed to the baby than they can take. Remember that cow’s milk takes more time to digest.

  • Freedom for the mother

A formula feeding baby won’t demand a lot of time from the mother and they don’t need to be tied down together.

Formula feeding is best suited for working mothers who are thinking of rejoining her job after giving birth. If you have to travel or planning a getaway for the day, then a babysitter or grandparents can fill in mother’s role and feed the baby via the bottle.

  • Less demands to fulfill

Giving birth is exhausting, and immediately afterwards comes the demand of feeding the baby day and night. Being available for so many hours is very challenging for new mothers.

Bottle feeding is an option if a mother wants to spend a night sleeping and let the father of the baby do the honors of feeding the baby. A mother’s body needs time to recover, so having a good night’s sleep without worrying about your baby going hungry will speed your time for recovery.

  • Father can participate

Many soon-to-be father’s might think that after their baby is born he will be left with little or no time from the new mother. But that is not the case if you have decided to feed your baby through the bottle.

A father can hold and interact with the baby while feeding him. The feeling of feeding a toddler is amazing for both mother and father.

  • Older siblings can participate

Just like the father, old siblings of the new baby often demand that they feed the baby. A breastfeeding mother won’t share her newborn but the baby who is bottle fed can be a shared responsibility of the entire family.

  • Can spend time on fashion

A breastfeeding mother is often out of fashion because she wears such clothes so as to be ready to present herself to the demanding baby. Fashion isn’t a concern for many mothers across the globe, but some mothers have grown up to be a fashion icon in their gatherings and they wish to continue it.

If a mother chooses to feed her baby with formula then she will have time to dress up, groom herself and start wearing clothes that she loved to wear before conception.

  • No restrictions on birth control methods

If you wish to have a gap between your first and second and your are breastfeeding your baby, then you have little choice when it comes to birth control methods.

If however, you are bottle feeding your baby then you can choose any birth control method that your doctor suggests.

  • Mother can have a low diet

Breastfeeding mothers have to maintain a healthy diet consisting of protein, calcium, and other supplements. She literally has to eat for two.

But for the bottle feeding mother, she can go on a diet after a few weeks she delivers her baby. She can skip meals and eat anything she would like. But to drop her baby weight, the mother will have to go on a diet, if she doesn’t breastfeed her baby at all.

Breastfeeding mothers are at an advantage, her calories drop a lot while feeding and she can enjoy much heavier meals. In other words, breastfeeding burns away baby fat much sooner.

  • Can save herself from public eyes

Breastfeeding mothers often find themselves in challenging public places, when her baby starts demanding food outdoors. A mother is left with little choice to find a place with less strangers to feed her baby in the public. Some mothers feel embarrassed and feel uneasy because of the glares she gets from strangers.

A mother who feeds her baby with bottles just have to make sure that she is carrying the bottles with her. She has nothing to worry about when it comes to strangers glaring at her and her baby.

  • More time for lovemaking

This is important for a lot of couples. Often times I have seen new parents finding undesirable conditions for satisfying their lovemaking hunger. New parents have less time, unplanned spaces, no time to cuddle after making love and sometimes are diverted because of a crying baby.

Like I said before, a baby’s belly remains full for a longer time, that’s why a baby can have a longer nap and sleep periods. During baby’s nap time a couple can slip into a private room and do what they do best.


Well I will say it again, I am not in favor of formula feeding but in some cases it becomes a necessity to fulfill the demands of the baby. I will suggest to new mothers that they should feed their baby with breast milk at least for starting three months. The breast milk is natural and is the right of every baby.

What do you think? Am I right in saying breastfeeding is much better than bottle feeding? And Formula feeding can save hassles of working women? Have your say in the comments below.

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