13 Must Have Travel Equipment For Babies

Going on a trip with your baby and don’t know how to pack? No worries! We’ll brief you on what you must pack for your baby. Travelling with a baby is not so easy as it seems because these little people need a lot of luggage. So yes, they are heavy! Start packing for your baby a week ago to make sure there is nothing left behind because if you do forget anything at home, the little kiddo will create a real mess.

Packing for a baby is difficult and time-consuming. They have various problems regarding sleeping habits, places you go, and seasons. Therefore, the list of baby travel essentials is quite long. So let’s see what can be done to help you out. Here is a list of things you must pack while going on a holiday:

Packing For Your Baby:

It is highly recommended to pack your baby’s bag separately. You may need his/her things in emergency and might find it hard to locate the needed stuff in your bag. Thus, it’s always good to pack separately for them. Lightweight and easy to carry baby bags are available in the market with multiple sections so that it becomes easy to pack different types of things in separate compartments.

Packing For Your Baby

Feeding Accessories:

The most important part of the traveling kit of your baby is his feeding accessories. These little ones have random eating habits, so it must be considered first.  Following are the items you should pack for feeding:

  • A lightweight plastic bottle set should be put first in the luggage. If you breastfeed your baby, then put your breast pump.
  • Pacifiers are needed to keep babies calm for hours while traveling, so don’t forget to pack them up.
  • If your child eats cereals or other baby food, then be sure to put that in.
  • Extra nipples or sippy cups for the baby must be packed in case they cut the ones with their teeth.Feeding Accessories for babies

Clothing For Your Baby:

Clothes are essential for the babies because they are vulnerable to colds and fevers, thus keep a good care of it.

  • Pack their socks, shoes or booties in winter so that they won’t get cold.
  • Keep two or three extra outfits for your baby and one for yourself, in case he spoils the one at hand.
  • Disposable or washable bibs to keep your baby clean while feeding will be a great help.
  • Sun hat or sunsuits in summer for your baby is advised to be packed.
  • Lightweight blankets to keep your baby warm and an extra to help yourself doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Clothing For Your Baby

Moving Around With Your Baby:

It is obvious that you will walk around and visit different places on your holiday trip. So you may need something portable to carry your baby. Here are some of the ideas for you:

A sling or front carrier is helpful because it is lightweight and easy to use, and it keeps your baby relaxed near you.

  • A portable car seat can be helpful to travel safely. It makes your baby’s journey easier and enjoyable.
  • A collapsible stroller might be a help if you don’t have a sling. It is easy to carry and pack in your rucksack.

These items will help you to move around safely and efficiently with your baby. Your little one also has a right to enjoy the trip after all.

Moving Around With Your Baby

First-aid Kit:

Babies often get sick while traveling because of the change of weather and climate conditions. You must keep a first aid kit with yourself. You can fill up following articles in your bag:

  • A thermometer to check the temperature at different intervals to make sure that your baby is not developing a fever. Digital thermometers are available which are easy to use.
  • Medicines for your child like baby ibuprofen or acetaminophen for reducing fevers should be kept as prescribed by your baby’s physician.
  • An antibiotic ointment and sterile bandages can assist you to apply your toddler if injured.
  • You should have a first aid pocket guide to lead you while giving the medical aid to your baby.
  • A calamine lotion for rashes or sunburn and an insect repellent to keep your baby peaceful at night will be a perfect addition to your kit.

first aid kit for babies

Entertainment for Your Baby:

On a long journey, your baby might get bored and need some entertainment of his/her own. Don’t forget to add the items to your kid’s enjoyment.

  • First of all, you should fill up the toys your baby loves because he won’t like it if his favorite toys are left behind.
  • A portable crib or a play yard will keep him happy for a while.
  • The inflatable bathtub will make your baby feel at home and he will enjoy his bathing hours.
  • Kids love to chew on a teething toy and can stay quiet for hours.
  • If your child is accustomed to watching DVDs or listening to the audiobooks, then pack them too. They will prove helpful.

Entertainment for Your Baby

Cleaning Accessories:

Let’s admit it, our children are dirty and create a mess, whether they eat or play! So you have to store all the necessary equipment required.

  • Diapers should be put first in the baggage according to a period of your journey. At least pack one for each hour and additional ones for preventing leaks.
  • A pad to put under the baby while changing the diaper is necessary to add to the list
  • A few extra plastic bags to store soiled diapers in case you can’t find a place to throw them, or to save your clothes in them for later use.
  • Rash cream and baby wipes should be added to prevent the rashes.
  • Pack a hand gel or a hand sanitizer so you can stay clean yourself.
  • Packing a baby lotion will prevent your child’s skin from drying.
  • A nightlight will be of assistance when you have to change the diaper at midnight without disturbing others.

Cleaning Accessories for babies

Toilet Accessories:

If your kiddie can move on his own, he will need his toilet accessories. Pack the following components for him:

  • A portable potty seat
  • A bundle of toilet papers
  • Soap (liquid or a bar, according to the preference)
  • Towels (two to three for emergencies)
  • Other necessary items your child uses at home

Toilet Accessories for babies

Sleeping Equipment:

Children usually spend whole day peacefully but make your nights miserable during vacation. That’s because they cannot feel at home in the hotel or airplane. So, add all the things to the bag which your baby might need while sleeping. You can pack:

  • A portable bed (make it up for him just like home)
  • Blankets (to keep him warm)
  • Bedtime massage oil (for relaxing his body)
  • White noise (it is reported to be effective for majority of the children)
  • Night pajamas and night suit, so he can feel comfortable.
  • Bed rails (if you are using hotel beds), for safety.

Sleeping Equipment for babies

Seasonal Gear:

You will have to make some changes to your list according to the season you are traveling in.

In summer, you will need:

  • Sun hat and sun tent
  • Mosquito net
  • Waterproof beach bag
  • Kids sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Water shoes
  • In winter, you can pack:
  • Mittens or gloves
  • Socks (two or three pairs, or more according to the duration of your trip)
  • Toque or hat
  • Rain or snowsuit

Seasonal Gear for babies

That’s all for the list of general travel items for a baby that you need to consider while packing.

However, you have to add a few more things to your basket regarding the age of the child or mode of transport:

For Infants:

If your young one is an infant, you have to take following with you in addition to the above-mentioned things:

  • Bassinet or a travel cot, instead of car seat
  • Some extra outfits, as infants make a lot more mess than elder ones.
  • Other accessories of your infant like feeding formula, extra nipples, etc.


For Toddlers:

Toddlers are a little more intelligent and create more trouble than the infants. So you have to pack them a load of things to entertain them. Such as:

  • Portable activity kit
  • Extra toys
  • DVDs, earphones, and charger, etc.
  • Soft books or audiobooks to read or listen to.
  • An eating table and chair (portable)

For toddlers

Travelling By Air:

     If you are traveling by plane, you can take things as follows:

  • Pack twice of all the items i.e., diapers, food, wipes etc. (you certainly don’t want to be stuck at the airport on account of delayed flights with no supplies left).
  • Your baby’s passport and other necessary documents
  • Extra stuff toys in case your baby gets bored of the one.
  • Extra DVDs or soft books to entertain your child on the long flights.

Travelling By Air with babies

Other necessary things you can think of.

Travelling By Road:

If you are going by car, you will need some different stuff. It can be:

  • Sunshade for baby’s window
  • Travel snack pouches
  • Backseat organizer with a lot of compartments for different kinds of items
  • Extra pacifiers or teething toys if kiddie drops the one in his hand.

Travelling By Road with babies

Tips For Packing Your Stuff:

You should pack according to following instructions so that you don’t leave anything behind:

Prepare your bags a few days before you go. Put things on the table in front of you as you remember them or make a list before packing.

Use diaper bag with waterproof lining and a shoulder strap in case rain strikes on the trip.

For prevention of leaks, pack medicine and toiletries in a resealable plastic bag.

Must pack your cell phone accessories like charger, camera, and an additional memory card.

You should have a copy of the prescription and phone number of your baby’s health care provider, so you can consult him if you need to.

I hope it is helpful for you. Do you have something that we left in the list? Kindly tell us about your suggestions in the comments below.

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