10 Products You Should Never Use on a baby

Every mother seeks best for her child, and this becomes even more imperative when she has a newborn to look after. New parents are usually enthusiastic for their newborn and eager to get everything available in the market to ensure the wellbeing of their child. However, should they buy everything labeled “Best for your baby”? This is one question every parent should ask before buying food and other accessories for their little ones. Especially when you are looking for baby care products which include moisturizers, powders, bathing shampoos and lotions, it is really important for you to look for the right brand. It has been stated by renowned dermatologists that toxic chemicals in baby products can prove to be more problematic for your child than you can even think of.

So how you can ensure the safety of your child along with the optimal care and cleanliness? Well, to ensure cleanliness of your baby along with safety it is important what products can be harmful to your child and which chemicals you should look for while buying such products. Some products that you should abstain from applying on your baby skin are as follow:

  1. Baby soaps and washes with artificial fragrances

You can use a variety of baby soaps and baby wash available in the market and produced by renowned brands. However, studies have suggested that bathing your babies with these products can result in skin damage of your baby. It is because baby soaps and washes are usually infused with parabens. These parabens are actually classified as neurotoxins which can impart harmful effects such as skin problems and hormone disruption. Along with it has been discovered by Environmental Working group that more than half of the baby soaps are incorporated with 1,4 dioxane along with ethoxylated surfactants. These chemicals are known to depreciate your baby’s skin from natural oils and skin of your baby will get more and more dehydrated. These conditions can lead to problems like eczema and related skin problems. Thus, it is recommended by doctors that you should look for bathing products for your baby that are free of chemicals and integrated with natural ingredients like coconut butter or oatmeal.

2. Baby Sunscreen with chemicals infused

Baby sunscreen is also one of the most dangerous baby products if not selected wisely. Though no one can deny the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin when exposed for long period of time it is important to understand that sunscreens are also formulated with different chemical agents. Applying such sunscreens can result in problems like sinus infection and skin irritation especially in newborn babies. Thus, it is recommended by doctors that people should avoid using sunscreen for babies under six months of age and should prefer using clothing made for blocking of ultraviolet rays. After age of 6 months, the mother can apply topical sunscreen for their babies however, these sunscreens should be infused with zinc oxide as the main ingredient.  Also remember, if your sunscreen is included with ingredients like Vitamin @ and oxybenzone then such sunscreens should be avoided no matter how old your baby is as these agents can cause various skin problems.  


3. Bath in bubbles

Bubble bath is a favorite pastime of every baby but the mother should not forget how delicate the skin of their babies is and little carelessness can lead to serious skin problems. As per research by doctors, it has been observed that bubble baths eliminate natural oils and hydration from the skin of the baby. Thus, it is recommended that babies should be given quick baths so that their skin should not be exposed to chemical agents for an extended period of times and babies should be given bath not more than three times per week.

baby Bath in bubbles

4. Skin lotions for babies

Skin lotions and ointments are used by mother all over the world to ensure the protection of their baby’s smooth and fine skin. However, these skin lotions are usually infused with different chemicals that can result in skin allergies or adverse reactions. Thus, it is important for the mother to ensure what types of ingredients are used in the product before they buy it for their baby. As per research, it has been observed that skin lotions incorporated with lanolin can be used for babies safely especially in dry and cold weather.

Skin lotions for babies

5. Baby powder

Though mothers are using baby powders for years to ensure cleanliness of their baby and to avoid diaper rash, however, recent studies have suggested that baby powders include two chemical agents that are 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde. Products included these chemical agents have been categorized as cancer-causing baby products. Thus, doctors nowadays strongly oppose the use of such baby powders. Also, the particles of baby powder can result in problems associated with the respiratory system when inhaled by baby accidentally.

Baby powder

6. Clothes Detergents with fragrance added

Doctors also recommend mothers to avoid using detergents for washing baby clothes that include fragrances and strong in composition. It is because the chemicals present in these detergents can provoke skin irritation in babies if not rinse thoroughly. Therefore, it is advised that mother should use laundry agents’ labeled “sensitive skin,” “All free and gentle” and “Free and Clear.” These detergents are free of harsh chemicals and mild.

Clothes Detergents with fragrance

7. Scented wipes and rash creams

For diaper change, mothers use products like scented wipes and rash creams to avoid rashes. However, due to the chemical composition of these products, your baby can suffer from skin problems. Also, these products are infused with fragrances that are synthetic and can be harmful to delicate areas of your baby. Therefore, it is recommended by doctors to use natural alternatives for these products. Mother can search for unscented wipes available on the market, and instead of rash creams, the mother can use corn flour or petroleum jelly to ensure dryness and comfort for your baby.

Scented wipes and rash creams

8. Fragrances and perfumes

Perfumes or fragrances are also one of the many baby products to avoid. Whether these fragrances are used directly or infused in other baby products, they can impart harmful effects on the health of your baby. The impact of the fragrances remains to linger for a while on the skin of the baby and does not eliminate easily. The dangerous composition of these fragrances can result in various health issues especially related to respiratory system, eye irritation, skin and nervous system. Thus, any products with artificial fragrance added should be avoided by mothers completely.

baby use perfume

9. Baby oil

Though baby oil can do wonders for baby, however, when these baby oils are integrated with fragrances and cheap mineral oil they will form a plastic wrap around the skin of your baby. The skin of your baby will not be able to get enough oxygen. Therefore, doctors recommend mothers to use natural oil for nourishing skin of their babies like coconut oil, olive or almond oil.

Baby massage

10.  Sleep positioners

Along with these products, there are some other accessories that can prove to be harmful to health and life of your baby. Baby sleep positioners are one such product that can be dangerous for your infant. It is because babies usually get their head buried in these sleep positioners while sleeping which can result in suffocation of your baby.

Sleep positioners

All these products should be replaced by natural alternatives gifted to us by nature because no one can take care of your baby better than nature.

If you have heard about any such products or experienced problems due to artificial products do share in comments.

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