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Being in the third trimester of your pregnancy means you have almost completed your journey of pregnancy and now it is time ….. To sit back and relax! No, not at all, it is time to get yourself prepared for a new adventure of your life and that is parenting your newborn. This adventure is both challenging as well as enthralling. Once your baby will be with you, you will experience a new venture every day. On one hand, the goo goo gaa gaas of your baby will bring joy to your life and at the other hand lack of sleep and late night diaper changes will give you continuous tantrums. So, the question is how to deal with scenarios that can cause anxiousness and keep you composed in all situations.


Here are some tips for new parents that can help them not only manage their first time parenting experience but can also help them enjoy this rollercoaster ride along with their new sunshine:

Give up on the idea of a perfect life      

If you are one of those parents who believe in the notion of a perfect life even after the arrival of the baby then consider it as a wakeup call and acknowledge the reality of life. For the first two years, it is not the baby that will fit in your pattern of life rather it is your life that will get attuned to the routines of your baby. In the beginning, you may feel that you are under the continuous hangover, however; it is not something to worry. It is because if you are mentally prepared to accept the changes you will not only be able to handle it seamlessly but you will also be able to enjoy it. So the best word of wisdom for new parents is to accept the change and be realistic.

Gurus are not always right

If your ideology of parenting is based on the picture drawn by the parenting gurus then you should understand that this is not a puppy that you can train with set routines. This is about your child. The most important need of your child is your love and care rather than a fixed schedule for pooping, eating and sleeping habits. Though you may find some tips of these gurus really useful however, the decision of how you will be going to nurture your child should be only yours and should be based on the needs and nature of your child.

Keep your priorities flexible

One most important advice for first time parents is to keep your schedules flexible. Until your baby will be a toddler it would be difficult for you to follow a fixed schedule for your daily tasks. It is because your baby will have different routine and varied needs on daily basis. So, it is important that you can prioritize your tasks accordingly.  Some people may suggest that you should abstain from social life completely for first few years after the birth of your baby. However, we will recommend that you should socialize whenever you find time because it will help you deal with the frustration in long term.  

Get air for you and your baby  

You must have heard grandmothers saying that you should get air for your baby. You must be wondering that what it means when the baby is breathing healthy. Well, it means that you should spend some time with your baby outside in open air on daily basis. It is not important to schedule outings for long hours; all you can do is take a walk with your baby around the block. This will not only have a healthy impact on the baby as it will reset the internal clocks of the baby and prevent them from being cranky and it will also help you to refresh your mind with some fresh air. This habit will also help you get your child of being accustomed to social gatherings.

Get air for you and your baby

Emotional health without physical health

One another good advice for new parents is, give importance to your health. Looking after a child does not only require physical hard work from parents but it is also a continuous emotional workout. Therefore, to deal with both strains it is important that you should be healthy physically and mentally. To ensure the physical health and emotional strength it is important to have a regular medical checkup, especially of the mother. Along with this mothers should also focus on their diets as energy is what will require most to cope up effectively. If mothers can spare time for physical activities like gym, swimming, running or yoga it will not only ensure their physical health but also prevent from anxiety and mental stress.

Help can make difference

Exhaustion due to lack of sleep and physical fatigue is the actual reason that can hinder your joy of parenting. So you should do whatever you can to avoid being exhausted. Your friends and family members along with your spouse can play a significant role in this regard. Whenever your child is sleeping soundly you can ask your spouse or your other family member to keep an eye on your baby and during this time you can get some sound sleep for you. Similarly, you can also request the grandparents of the baby to babysit your child so that you can either relax yourself or can spare some time for you. Relaxing and sleeping can help you rejuvenate your body and mind and you will be prepared for upcoming trials in a serene way.

These are some tips that can help new parents to cope up with defies of parenting without losing self-control. The most important advice for soon to be parents is that having baby in their life is not all about responsibility and duty rather it would be a pure joy that they would only be able to experience if accept changes in their life graciously. Parenting a baby is something that should not be formulated but it is a divine part of human nature. So, simply enjoy this ride.

If you have any advice regarding parenting a baby for soon to be parents please do share in comments.

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